As an ecommerce merchant, you have to decide between a direct tie up with courier vs using an aggregator. At ShipTurtle, we give you the best of both worlds with the option to tie up with either.

By tying up directly with an aggregator your advantage is –

  1. Less paperwork and getting access to numerous shipping providers.
  2. Discounted rates
  3. Single window

By tying up with courier companies your advantage is –

  1. Better resolutions of complaints – overbilling, misplaced parcels, long delays in shipping time are a reality in ecommerce totaling to almost 10% of all shipments. Typically, in our experience, customers don’t get a single window of resolution with an aggregator and finding a solve can often by difficult.
  2. Customized services – As you grow and ship more and more parcels, invariably you will need support from the actual courier company in terms of better service, reports, reconciliations etc.

Configure your own shipping company or go with an aggregator – the choice lies with you. We do not charge you for your shipments or make any money of them. Our only fee is our monthly subscription – and the buck stops there.

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