Shipping Profiles

Shipping Profiles

With Shipturtle’s Shipper Profiles feature, revolutionise how shipping costs are calculated at checkout!

Revolutionary Shipping Calculations
Shipper Profiles in Shipturtle transform the way shipping costs are determined at checkout.
By default, a single shipping rule applies to all products in the cart, based on factors like total order value or product weight. This means that even if the cart contains items from different vendors, potentially requiring multiple shipments, the customer incurs a single shipping charge. The Advanced Shipping Profile feature helps resolve this issue by automating the process of calculating shipping costs for each vendor separately.

Vendor-Specific Rules
Shipturtle’s Advanced Shipping Profiles helps to simplify multivendor shipping-related concerns. It enables you to establish shipping rules at a vendor-specific level. Establish shipping rules tailored to each vendor, ensuring precise cost allocation.

Streamlined Checkout Process
During checkout, the cart is divided into distinct “Vendor sub-carts,” and shipping costs are computed separately for each vendor. This allows the customer to see the cumulative shipping costs for each vendor, providing transparency to customers.

Scalability for Growing Marketplaces
In the initial stages, a straightforward flat shipping rate, regardless of the vendors in the cart, may suffice. However, as your Shopify store marketplace grows, effectively managing this aspect becomes crucial, given that shipping constitutes one of the most significant expenses in e-commerce, second only to marketing. Mastering a multivendor shipping strategy is key to sustained success.

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