Adding Products in Bulk

Adding each product separately can be a very time consuming task. To make that easy, Shipturtle has an option of adding products in bulk which ensures that the process is rather smooth and quick. Option 1 – Use Shopify. Shipturtle

Adding Users and logging into Shipturtle

On installing Shipturtle, an email is sent to each merchant with their login credentials. Please check your spam in case you are not able to find it. A merchant can login to their app directly by clicking the app on

Add Vendor Profiles

The below article guides you on how to make a page that will let you create vendor profiles on your website. Step 1 – Create a Liquid Template for Vendor Profile From your Shopify Admin panel go to Online Store

Editing Products on Shipturtle

This article covers how a user – Merchant or Vendor can edit Products in Shipturtle.  There are three ways to Edit Products in Shipturtle – Quick edit individually – Quick edit gives access to fields which are frequently needed for

Add Order Tracking page

Adding Register vendor page to Shopify

Display Vendor Listing page in Multi Vendor marketplaces

If you have multiple vendors or sellers on your website, you will want to give your customers an option to “Shop by Seller”. The below article guides you how to make a basic page by using Shopify’s native utilities. The

Reconciling Payments and Shipping Costs on ShipTurtle

This article will cover how to reconcile two critical data points on Shipturtle – Payment Reconciliation – Tally whether payments have been received against your orders from different sources like Cards, Cash, POS etc. Freight Reconciliation – Tally whether your

Adding and Removing Products on ShipTurtle

This article will cover how to Add or Remove Products on Shipturtle. Step 1: Product Sync with your store On installation, Shipturtle will automatically import all Products from your store. This typically takes a few minutes depending on the number

Adding Warehouses on ShipTurtle

This article will cover how to Add Warehouses and assign them to orders on Shipturtle. Step 1: Add Warehouses On installation, Shipturtle will automatically import “Locations” from Shopify as different Warehouses. To add new, Go to Settings -> Warehouses ->

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