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Editing Products on Shipturtle

This article covers how a user – Merchant or Vendor can edit Products in Shipturtle.  There are three ways to Edit Products in Shipturtle –

  1. Quick edit individually – Quick edit gives access to fields which are frequently needed for editing like Quantity, Price, Publish status etc. This can be accessed by clicking the “Edit” icon under the “Actions” tab on the Product page. If a Vendor is editing this, they can access only those fields for which the Merchant has allowed them Edit privilege. Quick edit does not need Merchant approval for changes to reflect.
  2. Quick edit in Bulk – Use the Export and Import buttons to download Product data, edit and re upload them. Detailed instructions for uploading are provided in the Download file when you Export the data. The restrictions of which fields can be edited will continue to apply for Vendors using this utility.
  3. Full Product Edit – If you want to edit all fields in a Product including Description, Photos, Tracking etc. click on the Product name. This will open an Edit window where the user can make full changes to the Product. Any changes made by the Vendor under Full Product Edit mode will go for Approval to the Merchant and will reflect on the website only once the Merchant approves the changes.
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