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Reconciling Payments and Shipping Costs on ShipTurtle

This article will cover how to reconcile two critical data points on Shipturtle –

Payment Reconciliation – Tally whether payments have been received against your orders from different sources like Cards, Cash, POS etc.
Freight Reconciliation – Tally whether your actual Shipping cost and Shipping Weight is the same as expected parameters at the time of label generation.

Step 1: Set Reconciliation settings

Go to Reconciliations -> Reconciliation settings.

Enter the Tolerance values for both Payment and Freight reconciliations.

In case your estimated cost is $100 and you set a tolerance of $5. This means that if the actual value lies between $95 – $105, it will be marked Tallied. If outside the range, it will be marked as Not Tallied.

Step 2: Upload Reconciliation files

Follow the following steps to upload files –

  1. Click on Download Sample file and save it on your computer
  2. Enter the data as per the format of the file. Detailed instructions are mentioned in the excel. Please note that you cannot change the file format or use any other Excel file for upload
  3. Click the Upload button and drag-drop your file into the pop up window that appears

The App will send you an email once the upload is completed. You can go to “Files uploaded earlier” to see the status of the upload also.

Step 3: Deleting or updating Records

  1. If you resubmit the same order number / shipping label / payment reference number in a new upload, Shipturtle will pick the latest data point and overwrite earlier uploads
  2. For deleting records, select the data points on the Reconciliation tabs and use the “Delete Record” bulk action.
    Note that deleting Excel files essay writer for you from “Files uploaded earlier” tab will not delete the records from Shipturtle.

Step 4: Viewing Reconciliation status

Once files are uploaded, you can view the Reconciliation status for both Payment and Freight at an Order level in “Orders” tab. You can also take a download of orders to get the status in an excel file.

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