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Tips for Better UI, Adding Shipturtle as an App

At Shipturtle, we value usability and simplicity of the interface. Here  are some neat tips you can use to customize the application.

Tip 1: Adjust the Zoom level on your browser

Inspite of our best efforts, Shipturtle can look a little different on various laptops and browsers.
We recommend using Chrome on Windows or Safari on Mac. However, in case you are using something different, the most common issue you might face is having too much zoom which leads to text wrapping and UI elements on different lines. This can easily be corrected by zooming out on your browser window. (Ctrl -/+ are shortcuts on most browsers). Check out the video below –

Tip 2 – Add Shipturtle as a Progressive Web App on your desktop

Chrome has a feature that allows users of the web browser to install Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in the browser. Users can launch the apps from the operating system’s desktop directly instead of needing to go to the browser. This is a very unique feature of Shipturtle due to its tech stack.

Tip 3 – Change the colors of your app

Orange looks pretty great as a default (we think), but that’s no reason for you to stick with it. Click the magic wand to the right of the app and change your color scheme to the best – the one you like.

Tip 4 – Increase records per page

Clicking next on each page is a pain. Which is why we have an option to display upto 100 records on a single page. Keep lesser records when you want faster loading speed, keep more when you want to do bulk shipping and invoicing actions or want a larger view.

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