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Tracking Shipments on ShipTurtle

You can track shipments on Shipturtle once you dispatch then easily using our integrated tracking APIs. For information on generating labels read

Step 1: Understanding different Shipment Tracking status

A shipment goes through various stages once a label is created. The various shipment statuses in Shipturtle and their meaning is as defined below.

Pending – Awaiting Shipment creation / Tracking information
Label created – Shipping Label created, package awaiting pickup from the carrier
In Transit – Shipment picked up by the carrier and in transit
Out for Delivery – Shipment is on the last leg of its journey and out for delivery
Failed attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, will retry again
Delivered – Shipment was successfully delivered to the customer
Returning – The Shipment could not be delivered and returning to origin
Returned – The Shipment could not be delivered and has returned to origin
Delivery Exception – Any delivery exception
Expired – Shipping label expired / no tracking info received since 30 days
Auto tracking u/a – Auto tracking is unavailable for the selected shipping partner.

Step 2: Retrieving tracking status from the shipping partner

Once a shipping label is generated, the tracking number is displayed under “Courier details”. Clicking the tracking number will navigate you directly to the Tracking page of your Shipping partner.

Step 3: Automatic tracking for Integrated Shipping partners (A)

For Shippers with tracking integration, an “A” sign (standing for automatic) is displayed next to the shipment status. Shipturtle automatically retrieves and updates the tracking status at an hour’s interval for such shipments. You can see the last synced date and time by accessing Order details by clicking the relevant Order number.
The status message from the shipping partner is mapped to one of the statuses described in Step 1. If you want to see the original message, please follow Step 2 above.
Note – In case for any reason the shipping partner is returning an incorrect status of a shipment, the user manually change the shipment status even if there is automatic tracking.  

Step 4: Manual tracking for Shipping partners pending integration (M)

For Shippers without tracking integration, an “M” sign (standing for manual), is displayed next to the shipment status when the label is generated along with the status “Auto tracking unavailable”. In such a case the user needs to manually update the status of the shipment by pressing the icon with 3 dots on the right of Shipment status and selecting the appropriate status.

Step 5 – Download Shipping details for Accounting / Analysis

Filter your Orders and click the Export button on the top right of the Orders screen to download your Order and Shipping details. You can access all tracking related details in the download file.

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