Vendor Review Feature

Shipturtle offers a robust Review Feature that allows you to collect and manage vendor reviews on your Shopify store. This feature empowers you to gain valuable insights into your vendor’s performance. This knowledge base document will guide you through the

NDR(Non-Delivery Report)

In the world of e-commerce, Returns to Origin (RTOs) are common and can lead to significant challenges and financial losses for merchants. To effectively combat this issue, Shipturtle offers the Non-Delivery Report (NDR) feature, which can potentially reduce RTOs by

ShipTurtle PayPal Integration for Vendor Payments

1. Select Individual/Business Account option In order to integrate Paypal with ShipTurtle you are required to create an account with Paypal depending on your requirements you can either create a business or individual account with Paypal. Note: with Individual Account

Whatsapp Integration Feature with Shipturtle

Discover the latest feature in Shipturtle – WhatsApp Integration! With this enhancement, the admin now has the capability to send Automated WhatsApp Notifications to both vendors and customers. These notifications cover various crucial updates such as order placement, order fulfillment,

What are sync settings for product ?

The vendor has the ability to review the information that is transmitted during the creation and update processes of a product. However, it’s important to note that the vendor does not have the authority to modify this information, as it

Features Of Vendorsync

I. Product Syncing Product mapping is a valuable method for synchronizing products between the vendor’s store and the merchant’s store. In the process, the vendor takes the initiative to choose the specific products they intend to offer on the merchant’s


Step – 1 : Login to the shopify store Step – 2 : Create an Application Go to settings → Apps and sales channels → Develop Apps → Create an App Step -3 : Define access scopes Go to API

Quick Start Guide

Shipturtle’s Vendor Sync feature offers powerful features enabling any Vendor on Shopify and Woocommerce (other platforms coming soon) to connect and sync their store to your website. Many of your Vendors may be big companies and reluctant to come to

Configure Gmail as your SMTP Email Domain

By default, Shipturtle uses its own Email service provider to send emails from the app. However it is recommended to setup your own Mail Service within Shipturtle so that you can control blocked domains, have better sender score etc. To


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