We normalize the tracking status provided by different shipping partners to our standard to make it easier for you. They are as follows-

  1. Pending – Awaiting Shipment creation / Tracking information
  2. Label Created – Shipping Label created, package awaiting pickup from the carrier
  3. In Transit – Shipment picked up by the carrier and in transit
  4. Out for Delivery – Shipment is on the last leg of its journey and is ready for pickup or out for delivery
  5. Failed Attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, will retry again
  6. Delivered – Shipment was successfully delivered to the customer
  7. Returning – The Shipment could not be delivered and returning to origin
  8. Returned – The Shipment could not be delivered and has returned to origin
  9. Delivery Exception – Any delivery exception
  10. Expired – Shipping label expired / no tracking info received since 30 days
  11. Auto tracking u/a – Auto tracking is not configured for this shipping partner
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