Multi Vendor & Multi Channel E-commerce Fulfillment Automation

ShipTurtle helps you unify all your online stores at a common cloud portal. Fulfill your orders and manage your inventory across multiple vendors.

What does ShipTurtle do for you?

Multi Vendor & Multi Channel E-commerce Fulfillment Automation

Frees up 8 hours of your time for every 100 orders. Focus on growing sales, leave the fulfillment to us

Saves between 5-10% of extra money spent due to wrong courier selection, reconciliations and incorrect dispatches.

Gives you valuable insights of your business – vendor scorecards, courier performances, TAT

Improves your service levels and makes your customers happy!

What's to love about ShipTurtle?

Multi channel integration

Connect all your online stores within minutes. No coding required. ShipTurtle will be your one single portal to manage all sales channels.

Multi vendor management

Easily configure Multiple vendors or Warehouse locations for different products. ShipTurtle enables Automated order routing, dedicated vendor portals, product uploads, commissions etc.

Automated order fulfillment with integrated shippers

Integrate with multiple shippers like Fedex, Bluedart and Delhivery. ShipTurtle helps select cheapest rates, print shipping labels and pack your orders in seconds!

Order Tracking

Track your orders and keep customers informed via email notifications. ShipTurtle ensures you spend minimal time on followups.

GST compliant invoicing

Maintain HSN codes for all your products and print invoices for hundreds of orders in seconds. ShipTurtle can help you configure your invoice as per your requirements.

Sales Analytics Dashboard

Track vendor performance, payments outstanding from one easy dashboard. ShipTurtle is bundled with reconciliation features for your Cash deliveries and Shipment cost deviations.

100+ Courier Integration

How it works?

ShipTurtle can be setup and ready to go in minutes!

Integrate your sales channel

Integrate your sales channel

All your orders get imported onto a single portal

Setup your vendors / warehouse locations

Setup your vendors / warehouse locations

Configure details for auto splitting orders. Vendors access their orders directly.

Integrate Courier partners, Pack and ship

Integrate Courier partners, Pack and ship

Single click AWB and invoice creation. Automated shipping rules.

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 Saumitra Kabra

After many years of Excels and Python scripts, finally found an App which can solve really complex problems of hosting a Marketplace with multiple vendors. Shipturtle solves for my core issues of Order Splitting, Shipping and Invoicing with a really intuitive UI. It packs in... a ton of other features like separate Vendor dashboards, Reconciliation, Payments and more. Have installed and given up on many other apps in the past like Webkuls, Marketplace in a Box etc. This one seems to fit my requirements perfectly so far. Excellent documentation and support. Was able to be up and running within a day.

  Aathitiyan V S

We were using another tool and were looking at options to migrate our multivendor marketplace, that's when found out Ship Turtle. The team was very welcoming and accommodated many of our use cases, they even went to the extent of developing a custom... requirement to help us use ship turtle. Looking forward to continue using the product and grow our business.

 Himanshu Pal

We have been using Shipturtle for logistic & account management for our marketplace and are extremely happy with the functionalities, robustness & reliability of the app. The team at Shipturtle is very friendly & proactive with a clear focus on customer satisfaction & service.... We migrated on to this platform from an older and established app and found that Shipturtle is tailor made for Indian marketplace sites. We strongly recommend all marketplace sites to try this solution. Our efficiency has increased manifold and it has reduced the unnecessary interactions with sellers, as they can access all their data related to accounts, shipping, invoicing, reconciliations etc. from the seller portal. Few standout features of the app - Automatic diversion of a composite customer order to various sellers, Seller friendly dashboard, Various combinations that a marketplace site can employ for commission calculation & finally the reconciliation module. We wish success and good luck for the team and looking forward to some more amazing features in the days to come!

  Sonia Sahni

User friendly and intuitive to use. Its the perfect bridge between Shopify and final product delivery. One of my favourite features of the app is the reconciliation section, which is not provided by anyone else. The dashboard gives a snapshot of the store at... any point in time. Absolute value for money!

1. Why ShipTurtle?

As an ecommerce merchant, you have to decide between a direct tie up with courier vs using an aggregator. At ShipTurtle, we give you the best of both worlds with the option to tie up with either.

By tying up directly with an aggregator your advantage is –

  1. Less paperwork and getting access to numerous shipping providers.
  2. Discounted rates
  3. Single window

By tying up with courier companies your advantage is –

  1. Better resolutions of complaints – overbilling, misplaced parcels, long delays in shipping time are a reality in ecommerce totaling to almost 10% of all shipments. Typically, in our experience, customers don’t get a single window of resolution with an aggregator and finding a solve can often by difficult.
  2. Customized services – As you grow and ship more and more parcels, invariably you will need support from the actual courier company in terms of better service, reports, reconciliations etc.

Configure your own shipping company or go with an aggregator – the choice lies with you. We do not charge you for your shipments or make any money of them. Our only fee is our monthly subscription – and the buck stops there.

ShipTurtle lets you process ecommerce orders and fulfill them seamlessly. You can create shipping labels for 100s of orders within seconds via its integration with global courier companies. It also tracks these shipments end to end; so that you can concentrate on what is most important – bringing new business! You can also create beautiful invoices for your orders using our templates. We bring AI and deep analytics to your business which helps you cut down on shipping costs by ~ 10 – 20%.

Yes, you can configure different warehouses for your ecommerce website in ShipTurtle. Once done, you can choose from where to ship your order at the time of order processing. Dynamic Rate API will show your estimated delivery costs as per new warehouse location. Furthermore, each warehouse can have a separate login and access.

ShipTurtle is the best application for Multi Vendor Shopify websites! We auto split your orders into sub orders and route them to different vendors basis your configuration. What’s more, all your vendors get a separate dashboard. They can maintain inventory, invoice, ship and track their orders. You can even manage vendor commissions, reconciliations and much more!

Yes, you can connect multiple Shopify stores on ShipTurtle and process all your orders from a single interface. You can also create “Offline stores” within ShipTurtle and handle POS, Cash or Supplier Orders.

Yes, ShipTurtle has a offline order fulfillment utility with which you can import your orders into ShipTurtle. Post importing, you can use ShipTurtle for shipping, invoicing and tracking. You can maintain multiple “Offline shops” to split orders coming from different sources.

Yes, you can Integrate Shipping API with ShipTurtle and pass order information from your website to us. Post that, you can use ShipTurtle for shipping, invoicing and tracking. Get in touch with us so that we can guide you on how to go about it. We also have a manual order creation utility with which you can upload your orders into ShipTurtle.

2. Courier Integration

There is no limit on the number of couriers you can integrate with ShipTurtle.

You will need an account with Fedex and API credentials for accessing your account from ShipTurtle. Please reach out to your Fedex account manager for the same.

You will need an account with Delhivery and API credentials for accessing your account from ShipTurtle. Please reach out to your Delhivery account manager for the same.

You will need an account with Bluedart and API credentials for accessing your account from ShipTurtle. Please reach out to your Bluedart account manager for the same.

You will need an account with Ecomm Express and API credentials for accessing your account from ShipTurtle. Please reach out to your Ecomm Express account manager for the same.

Reach out to us at [email protected]. We will be most happy to evaluate the APIs for the shipping partner and integrate the same.

3. Channel Integration

We are working on it, please drop us as text at [email protected] so that we can update you on the progress.

We are working on it, please drop us as text at [email protected] so that we can update you on the progress.

The easiest way to integrate your Shopify store with ShipTurtle is to find us on the Shopify app store –

Simply click “Add app” and follow the steps.

4. Multi Vendor Management

Yes, each Vendor can have their dashboard from where they can Process Orders, Create Shipments, Invoices, View Commissions and much much more.

Yes, as a merchant you have an option to enable a setting which will show a “Sell with us” page on your website. A vendor can input his details and you can approve or reject the Vendor within the app.

Multi vendor ecommerce and dropshipment is one of the exclusive features of ShipTurtle. ShipTurtle has numerous features to support multiple vendors – separate vendor dashboards and logins, different warehouse locations, automatic order splitting, commission setup, utility for vendors to create their own shipping labels and invoices.

ShipTurtle lets you configure every vendor individually for whether they are a marketplace vendor or dropshipper. You can edit rights for them under the following broad heads – order flow, shipping, invoicing and product management. Reach out to us for more details or a demo.

Orders are split according to the vendors assigned to them in ShipTurtle. So if any order comprises of 2 products from Vendor A and 3 products from Vendor B, ShipTurtle will automatically create 2 sub-orders, one each for the vendors.

Shared order values like freight and discount are divided in proportion to the Product value of each sub order.

Yes, as a merchant you have the option for –

  1. Asking vendors to configure their own courier partners in their ShipTurtle dashboard, create shipments and track.
  2. Asking vendors to only input the tracking number against a shipment.
  3. Generating shipping labels yourself for vendor shipments and share it with vendors

For each order you receive, ShipTurtle will calculate the commission and outstanding vendor payment. You can select multiple orders at a time and settle vendor payments.

At ShipTurtle, we have made several rules to assign Commission % to Products. You can set Commission at a Global, Category, Vendor or Product level.

Yes, Vendors can create their own products which go for approval to the merchant’s dashboard. Once approved, they will automatically get pushed to your ecommerce store.

5. Processing Orders

ShipTurtle automatically syncs all recent orders from your ecommerce store including Product details, taxes and shipping costs. It also updates changes to the order like cancellation.

You can create and ship manual orders by using ShipTurtle’s utility of creating multiple “Offline shops”. This is useful for cases like handling POS orders, processing shipments from your suppliers or managing any shipments outside your ecommerce store. Your manual orders can access the products and customers of your connected online shop. A bulk excel utility makes it easy to handle large number of orders.

No, ShipTurtle does not modify your online order in any way, all changes and cancellations need to be handled at your ecommerce store itself.

While processing an order, you can however add/edit various details like Tax, Package dimensions and shipping company.

ShipTurtle gives reports with a wealth of information. You can download orders at a product level with details like Taxation, Shipping status, Reconciliation of payments and overall order status.

You can create new customers within ShipTurtle. Customers from your ecommerce store can also be synced so that you can access they easily if needed for manual orders.

ShipTurtle does not cancel orders on your online store from its interface. You need to cancel it at from within your store itself. This is done to minimize editing of any of your store data from ShipTurtle.

Any order which you cancel in your store will however be tagged as CANCELLED in ShipTurtle also automatically.

Also, if you decide to “cancel” an order in ShipTurtle, it will simply get removed from our database and not change anything in your online store.

6. Shipping orders

In some situations, courier partners give you a list of tracking numbers to use. Also, for exceptional cases you might want to create a shipment directly on a courier partner’s website but maintain the status of the order in ShipTurtle. We have a provision where you can update the tracking number against an order. You can also use the shipping label which gets generated for it. Furthermore, you can also input the courier partner so that we can track the shipment for you.

Creating multiple shipments for the same order leads to many challenges in tracking, reconciliation, and accounting. We suggest that you set business rules in ShipTurtle to split your order into different sub-parts basis your vendors or warehouse locations. If this is not possible, it is best to cancel the existing order and raise multiple orders to replace it basis the desired split of shipments.

For all the courier partners you configure in ShipTurtle, we automatically share the estimated cost of delivery for each order you want to process. This is dependent on –

  1. Your negotiated rates with the courier partner
  2. Zip codes of origin and destination
  3. Type of service – Air, Ground etc.
  4. Package weight and dimensions

No, ShipTurtle does not charge for your shipments and their invoice will be raised by your courier partner / aggregator directly to you. We only charge a monthly subscription fee for using our application. There are no other hidden or variable costs.

No, at ShipTurtle we believe that it is most beneficial for you to have your own account with a preferred courier partner(s). We do not charge for any shipments, and you deal directly and only with your courier partner. However, in case you still prefer to use aggregators like shiprocket, shipstation etc., we can integrate with them and you can have the best of both worlds !

We provide you a best-in-class portal which integrates their APIs so that the hassle of creating shipments on different portals, tracking and reconciliation is taken away. This saves your team close to 10 mins per shipment and substantial cost savings due to features like Rate discovery, reconciliation and exception handling in undelivered shipments.

Once a manifest is generated, you can go to the Pickup Tab on the Order Processing page and schedule a pickup with your respective courier partner from within ShipTurtle itself.

Creating forward shipments for ecommerce orders in ShipTurtle is a breeze. The entire process is automated in broken down into 3 parts –

  1. Verify Shipment details for the order – package dimensions and weight, number of packages, pick up and ship to addresses etc. All these fields are automatically synced with your online store or maintained in our masters which means they are pre-populated in ShipTurtle’s order processing screen.
  2. Select Shipping company – You can fetch rates for all your connected accounts and select the courier partner you want to ship the selected order with.
  3. Click “Generate AWB”, your tracking number and packing slips are automatically created. Print, pack and dispatch!

ShipTurtle has a “Bulk AWB” utility using which you can select 100s of orders at a go, choose shipping partners for them and generate shipping labels for them with a single click of a button and within seconds.

What’s more, in case you do not need to re-confirm your default shipping partner for orders, ShipTurtle also has a feature to auto-generate shipping labels as soon your get the order.

Yes, if your courier partner allows it, you can create multiple packages in the same shipment and track them using a common tracking number.

Errors happen, and you will often need to change your shipment details. In ShipTurtle, you can easily cancel a shipment and create a new one. Cancelling a shipment in ShipTurtle will also cancel it with your courier partner automatically, as long as the label has been generated in ShipTurtle itself. So, in case you have created the shipment elsewhere, assigned the tracking number to an order in ShipTurtle and then cancelled the shipment, ShipTurtle will not auto-cancel it at your courier partner’s end.

7. Tracking Shipments

ShipTurtle has integrated tracking with several courier partners. We retrieve the exact status message passed to us by your shipping partner and normalize them into standard “ShipTurtle shipment statuses” to make it easier for you to consume the information from different shippers.

This saves you the hassle of going to the website of different shipping partners and find the status of shipments by copy pasting tracking numbers one by one.

Our reports and UI filters also make it easier for you to download and view the statuses of hundreds of orders conveniently.

Tracking information is synced every hour. We also provide a direct tracking link to the shipping partner’s website so that in critical cases you can retrieve the latest info easily.

You can see the last time of tracking sync for a shipment in your order details.

ShipTurtle gives you the utility for updating tracking numbers for orders even if the shipping label is not generated within ShipTurtle. We also retrieve the tracking status for them and update the same in ShipTurtle.

This is especially useful in multi-vendor or drop shipment cases where your vendors/suppliers might want to generate labels at their own end and only pass you the tracking information.

If you are using a courier partner not integrated with ShipTurtle, drop us an email at [email protected]. We will be most happy to see if we can quickly integrate it.

In the time it takes us to integrate, we have two features to help you. The first is the ability to maintain a tracking link for your shipment within ShipTurtle. The second is a utility called “Manual tracking” where you or your vendor (in case of drop shipment) can manually change the shipment’s tracking status.

We normalize the tracking status provided by different shipping partners to our standard to make it easier for you. They are as follows-

  1. Pending – Awaiting Shipment creation / Tracking information
  2. Label Created – Shipping Label created, package awaiting pickup from the carrier
  3. In Transit – Shipment picked up by the carrier and in transit
  4. Out for Delivery – Shipment is on the last leg of its journey and is ready for pickup or out for delivery
  5. Failed Attempt – Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, will retry again
  6. Delivered – Shipment was successfully delivered to the customer
  7. Returning – The Shipment could not be delivered and returning to origin
  8. Returned – The Shipment could not be delivered and has returned to origin
  9. Delivery Exception – Any delivery exception
  10. Expired – Shipping label expired / no tracking info received since 30 days
  11. Auto tracking u/a – Auto tracking is not configured for this shipping partner

8. Invoicing

ShipTurtle has two options for configuring tax rules for your online ecommerce store –

1. Pickup tax information from your connected store directly

In this case there is no setup required. Each product line item in your order comes with tax details, namely – Tax% to be applied, whether the price includes or excludes tax, whether tax needs to be applied to shipping or not.

2. Configure taxes on ShipTurtle

In ShipTurtle, you can maintain HSN masters and Tax% at a product level. You can reach out to us in case our settings do not cover any of your country’s requirements.

Generating an invoice for your ecommerce order is a click of a button in ShipTurtle. The only thing you need to ensure is that the tax rates for your orders are maintained correctly. These can be added or corrected on the fly for each order also using conveniently placed pop-ups on the order processing User Interface.

ShipTurtle’s invoice format automatically incorporates your company’s billing details and all customer and order related information. We also provide you ways to select your invoice numbering format (same as order number or a fixed running sequence with a prefix). Custom notes can be used to personalize your invoice and color can be selected to make it in line with your brand identity. You can also select whether you want a GST Invoice format (suitable for India)

ShipTurtle has a Bulk Invoice utility using which you can select 100s of orders at a go and generate invoices for them with a single click of a button and within seconds.

What’s more, in case you do not need to confirm an incoming order on your store, ShipTurtle also has a feature to auto-generate invoices as soon you get the order.

Yes, ShipTurtle has a special configuration for creating GST invoices for ecommerce orders and maintains taxation at 3 levels – CGST, IGST and SGST – depending on your shipping and shipper zip codes. You simply need to click the setting in your ShipTurtle account to enable this.

9. Return Orders

Yes, you can go to your delivered shipments and initiate a return request. Our UI will guide you through the necessary steps. You can select which products you want returned and accordingly a reverse order will be created. You can then select a shipping partner and create a reverse shipment for the order.

10. Product Management

Product is synced automatically with your channel by ShipTurtle. We retrieve all the necessary information like Product codes, Name, Description, Price etc. You also have the option of syncing information like Weight, HSN, Tax% etc. if it is provided by your channel. Alternatively you can maintain the latter information within ShipTurtle.

Product sync happens instantaneously in ShipTurtle. Any product edit in the ecommerce store reflects within seconds.

You can add products individually or use our bulk upload facility.

You can toggle the same from ShipTurtle if for any reason you want to take the product off your website. Listing/Delisting works both ways which means that in case the status of the product on your store changes, it will reflect in ShipTurtle also.

You can maintain HS codes as well as tax% for all your products on ShipTurtle. These can also be assigned automatically from an HSN-Tax% master.

Inventory quantity is a two-way sync between your online store and ShipTurtle. This means that if you update your product inventory in ShipTurtle, it will get updated on your online store. Any changes on your online store will also reflect on ShipTurtle.

This setting is optional, if you disable it, ShipTurtle will only display inventory information from your store and not let you change it on ShipTurtle.

Product categories are automatically synced from your online store and can be also maintained in ShipTurtle.

11. Payment and Freight Reconciliation

You can upload payment information from your payment gateways (for Paid orders), from courier partners (for Cash on Delivery orders) or from your POS system directly into ShipTurtle.

ShipTurtle gives you the option to use either of three options to match payments – Order number, Tracking number or Payment reference number.

The status of whether the payment is tallied, mismatch or pending will be calculated and updated against each order.

For all your shipments created on ShipTurtle, we maintain a track of estimated costs and package weight. When your courier partner bills you for your shipments, you can upload the actual costs and weights on ShipTurtle.

The status of whether the freight cost is tallied, mismatch or pending will be updated against each shipment.

You have several options, you an use filters on the order processing page to view orders with a discrepancy. Different reports on the dashboard will also give you this information. Finally, you can also download an excel with the status of all orders.

12. ShipTurtle Setup

The easiest way to setup an account on ShipTurtle is to find us on the Shopify app store –

Simply click “Add app” and follow the steps.

Once you install our app, a setup guide will help you through the entire process. You can process your first order by generating an invoice and shipping label within a few minutes.

ShipTurtle only seeks access where necessary. We follow international GDPR compliances which mandate strict measures to ensure data security. The data is also immediately deleted where not in use or if you choose to uninstall.

ShipTurtle needs read access on your orders and products to sync automatically and make your shipping automated.

We need write access to share the order fulfillment status back with your ecommerce store. You can choose to disable this option in ShipTurtle settings.

13. Pricing and Support

You can view the different pricing plans of ShipTurtle here –

You can pick one most suitable to the stage of your business and number of orders you process monthly.

We are always open to adding more features to ShipTurtle. Do reach out to us at [email protected] with your custom requirement.

You can change your plan at any time from within ShipTurtle. The order credits of your new plan get added to any existing credits you may have.

Please write to us at [email protected]. During working hours (9 AM to 6 PM Indian Standard Time), we typically respond within minutes. Our maximum turnaround time is 24 hours for any complaint.

Frequently asked questions

"SKU – A unique code of letters and numbers assigned to each product for proper identification. HSN codes – A code defined by a government institution for the classification of goods and its tax."

You will be alerted for the products which are low in stock and out of stock. To update the inventory one can directly feed the number on the system or else try an excel upload.

To identify and track an order id is needed. It is a unique number, which is generated on receiving an order that will not be duplicated. The order id is associated with different things like Date of the order, Shipping and Payment status, etc.

"The best thing is you can automatically create an AWB on ShipTurtle in seconds which takes 10 minutes to generate if done manually on the shipper’s system. Multiple AWB’s can be generated in the same time period by a single click of a button."

We provide integration with all popular shipping companies. ShipTurtle comes with FedEx integration by default. Integration with other partners is in process.

Clicking on the orders tab will take you to the section where one can see all the fresh orders which are not fulfilled yet. Selecting a single order and then clicking on a button of the invoice generator will generate the invoice. In the same manner, multiple invoices can be generated within no time.

ShipTurtle Dashboard allows you to analyze your E-commerce business by mapping different metrics. One can get an overview once he/she has logged into the system. It shows your orders and revenue on a daily, average and total basis.You can access it by going to the Dashbaord section on the top left of your screen

A weight discrepancy report can be downloaded from the billing section. There is a section called ‘Weight Reconciliation’, clicking on it will allow you to download the report.

"One can easily track the shipment by going to the section of orders. Enter the Order number or AWB number in the search bar."


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