Vendor Website Sync

Arguably Shipturtle’s most sought-after feature – Vendor Website sync lets your Vendors connect their own Websites with their Shipturtle Dashboard! This lets them seamlessly sync Product, Inventory and Order information between their Website and yours.

For any Vendor, one of the biggest challenges is to regularly update their stock on the Shipturtle dashboard to avoid both Over-selling and Under-selling. In fact, this is the single biggest reason why they may not opt to sell on your website if you are a startup.

With this feature however, Vendors can pull all the Products on their website, select the ones they want to list and map them to the Merchant Product. Once done, any inventory change at either website will reflect on the other. Not only this, we maintain a detailed change log so you can track what happened when at at any time.

Vendor sync is just one more step towards our approach to automate whatever can be automated – eliminate error, increase scale, boost speed and provide a single window of truth.

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