Compare Top Marketplace Solutions: Shipturtle & Sharetribe 

Sharetribe was once viable when cart platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce couldn't accommodate marketplaces. Today, it cannot compete with both cart platforms and democratic marketplace apps like Shipturtle in scalability, cost-effectiveness, and feature offerings....

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Best Off-The-Shelf Solution For Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development: Sharetribe Alternative

Shipturtle is an excellent Sharetribe alternative.

Unlike Sharetribe, you get to create a marketplace website with 40+ essential and advanced functionalities out-of-box to manage multiple sellers and build a seamless experience on Shopify, the most popular e-commerce software.   

Ecommerce builders or carts like Shopify and Woocommerce on WordPress are superior over dedicated marketplace solutions like Sharetribe, CS-cart, and others for operating your marketplace business online. 

Shopify provides a low barrier to entry and a scalable platform that can grow with your marketplace. Shipturtle’s easy-install Shopify app creates a superior user experience for both sellers and customers simultaneously.  

Sharetribe Alternatives: How is Shipturtle on Shopify Better for Marketplace Development? 

Sharetribe has been a popular marketplace builder for over a decade. 

Obviously, you would expect them to come good with basic functionalities to set up a marketplace. However, it cannot compete with a combination of e-commerce cart platforms and democratic marketplace plugins like Shipturtle in scalability, cost-effectiveness, and feature offerings (look for highlighted features in the tables to follow).

Let’s break it down for you in detail. 

Product marketplaces Sharetribe does not support online mall-type marketplaces (like Amazon)
Rental and services marketplacesBoth platforms support peer-to-peer marketplaces
Multi-lingual supportSupport different languages with the ability to change templates
White LabelingHave your own brand everywhere, without us appearing anywhere
Custom EmailOwn email service and message templates to provide brand consistency
Hosted cloud infrastructureCloud hosting of data, search index, file store, and other backend infrastructure
Admin panelMarketplace login to manage all vendors, products, and orders
Access controlRole-based user privileges
PWA applicationMobile and desktop app for vendors’ on-the-go management

Vendor management: Shipturtle reigns supreme!

Vendor OnboardingVendors can register to sell on the marketplace.
Vendor DashboardsEach vendor has their dashboard where they can add products, process orders, ship, and view earnings
Vendor Website SyncVendors can sync their own website or order management system with the marketplace
Vendor InventoryVendors can sync their inventory to the marketplace from other sources
Vendor PermissionsGranular control of features and modules available to different vendors
Vendor ProfilesVendors share information about themselves, their brands, and their policies
Vendor Customer ChatEasy ways for customers to chat with their preferred brands boost loyalty, trust, and conversions
Vendor CatalogueEasy ways to build and manage 1000s of Product Listings – Add, Edit, Delete
AnalyticsPartialRight analytics on Revenues, SLAs, Returns, etc. to help vendors grow their business
Mobile supportThe UI and UX should be mobile / app-friendly to work on the go.
Vendor reviews✅ Customers can leave reviews of vendors

Product management: Shipturtle has always more to offer!

Customize Product FieldsAdd custom fields as per the marketplace’s industry
Single Product ListingThe ability for vendors to add a single product
Automatic Inventory ReductionInventory gets reduced when orders are placed. Vendors can easily add or edit inventory.
Bulk Product ListingVendors can sync their inventory to the marketplace from other sources
Product Variants✅ Support multiple variants for the same product like color, size, material, etc.
Product Mandatory FieldsMake certain fields mandatory while listing
Product templatesPre-fixed templates / Chat GPT integration for assisted listing
Product Approval FlowThe ability for the marketplace to approve or reject products
Product Quick EditAbility to configure certain fields to be edited without approval by vendors (like quantity)
Private Label ProductsThe ability for marketplaces to list their products alongside vendors
Subscription ProductsAbility to offer subscription products like weekly grocery
Location SearchAbility to display product searches by location and map

Order Management: Shipturtle excels like no other!

Checkout customizationIntegrate shipping rules, policies, and live shipping rates at cart and checkout
Split orderAllow customers to order from multiple vendors at a go, and split vendor orders automatically
Shipping and pickupsSupports both shipping and pickup options
Order AutomationFlexible rules to automate Vendor, Warehouse, and Shipper allocation
Order Management SystemStep-wise order management from confirmation, pickup, in transit to delivery. Supports picklists and manifests
Shipping IntegrationsFull stack shipping integrations with 200+ partners like FedEx, UPS, and Shipstation
Shipment TrackingSingle view of shipment status across Marketplace, Vendors, and Customers
InvoicingMarketplace to customer or Vendor to customer invoicing
NDRAbility to change details of non-delivered orders to prevent RTOs
ReturnsReturn management for customers to initiate returns
Digital ProductsDigital products and Services have different requirements like File Storage, Calendar booking, etc.
WhatsApp IntegrationShare notifications on WhatsApp in addition to email and vendor dashboard
Reverse BiddingModule for customers to make an offer, and vendors to accept it

Payouts, Security & Support: Sharetribe Plays a Catch-Up.

Commission CalculationPartialFlexible Rule-based algorithms to calculate Vendor Commission basis Products, Returns, and taxes
Payment IntegrationsPartialSecure and seamless ways to transfer money to Vendor Bank accounts
Charge Subscription FeeCollect subscription fees from vendors to allow access to your marketplace
Automatic PayoutsAutomatic generation of payout documents and transfer of money
Delayed PayoutsConfigurable delay basis order status, return window, etc.
Reconciliation and AccountsMoney flow should be easily reconcilable and accounted for with the right data flow support
Unlimited ScalabilityAbility to manage large data sets with speed, accuracy, and stability. No limit to products, orders, or users
Data SecurityControl data access, storage, and movement across the marketplace, vendors, and customers
Traceability and Change LogsDetailed change logs are critical to tracking user activity across different modules
DocumentationGood documentation with setup videos
CustomizationAbility to customize the vendor platform out of the box
Live chat supportHuman support – live on chat.
Open APIsOpen APIs to help build on top of the marketplace, needed as you scale

How Shipturtle + Shopify Trumps Over Sharetribe’s Dedicated Online Marketplace Software?

It is clear why Shipturtle is the best marketplace builder app for B2C, B2B, and C2C business models. Let’s also look at how website builders like Shopify (along with native apps like Shipturtle) stand out for its ease of use, powerful features, extensive ecosystem, and future-proof technology.

4000+ historical marketplaces built with Sharetribe Only a handful of developers meet custom requirementsThey claim 1000s of app integrations. But in reality, they have one integration with Zapier.
+ Powering 4.5+ million live stores
+ Dev support from thousands of agencies
+ 13000+ app ecosystem
+ 350+ marketplace apps like Shipturtle
Pricing$369 per month + Huge customization cost + $0.19 per order + Payment Gateway cost$79 + no customization + $0.30 per order + 2.7% transaction
Ease of use
No drag-and-drop builder Slower launch for customization A few weeks to months
+ Easy to set up and manage
+ Faster launch with pre-built features
+ Configure Shipturtle on Shopify: 1-3 days
+ Time spent in a Shopify store: A few hours to weeks
Restrictive options to design pages like homepage, product page etc. Design customization only offered on top-tier pricing plan HUGE drawback as only dedicated Sharetribe developers can do it Early-stage startups, open-source enthusiasts client portfolio Limited social commerce integrations
+ Highly scalable with a vast app store
+ Top D2C brands, SME & large business websites including Decathlon, PepsiCo, Tesla, Los Angeles Lakers, Sephora, Vogue, New York Times
+ Develop headless commerce, mobile app, POS solutions, native integration with Facebook and Instagram
+ Future-proof with superior tech & ecosystem, for instance, generative AI solutions offered out-of-box
Conversion & checkout
Requires custom workflow to enhance conversion & checkout process
+ Conversion champion as a well-designed checkout process minimizes friction and encourages higher-order values
SEO & branding+ Basic SEO customizations & branding options+ Advanced SEO features with out-of-box Google compatibility and brand customization options

While Sharetribe claims to be the popular choice for building a marketplace, Shopify stands out for its ease of use, powerful features, and future-proof technology, making it a compelling choice for many entrepreneurs. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re a new marketplace or one that prioritizes ease of use, conversion optimization, and scalability, then Shopify might be the better option. If you’re an established marketplace with unique needs and a focus on community building, then Sharetribe might be a better fit.

How to get started? – Set your online store on Shopify
Install Shipturtle from Shopify app store
– Launch your marketplace
– Sign up to Sharetribe
– Set up your marketplace
– Buy a custom domain
– Launch your marketplace

Key benefits: 

Shipturtle – 

  1. Shopify native application.
  2. Unlimited & unmatched scalability due to superior e-commerce tech ecosystem.
  3. Launch in a day instead of weeks or months.
  4. Robust mobile and desktop app for on-the-go management.
  5. Maintain impeccable records and transparency with detailed change logs for full traceability.
  6. Best marketplace software to handle vendor management and sync products across Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Squarespace.
  7. Honest end-to-end tech support in setting up a multi-vendor marketplace on Shopify.

Sharetribe – 

  1. No code marketplace software. 
  2. Built for rental marketplaces like Airbnb and service marketplaces like Fiverr.
  3. Extensive knowledge sharing through marketplace academy.

Key drawbacks

Sharetribe – 

  1. Sharetribe does not offer core multi-vendor marketplace functionality out-of-box. 
  2. Hidden costs involved in going live with a fully functional marketplace.
  3. Supports fewer payment gateways and business models out of the box.
  4. Less functionality for product marketplaces like Amazon. 
  5. Essential marketplace integrations require coding skills.

Shipturtle – 

  1. 100% dependent on Shopify platform. 
  2. Lacking extensive documentation. 

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