Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Application

Summary of ShipTurtle - Multi vendor plugin for Shopify

Install ShipTurtle’s Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Application to instantly convert your Shopify website into a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. Add vendors, auto-split your website orders and route them to the respective vendor dashboards. Use integrated shipping features to generate and track shipping labels. Integrated invoicing facilities can create customizable invoices for both you, the merchant, and your vendors. Set commissions for your products at different levels and easily reconcile your accounts. Vendors can manage their listings, inventory, and order fulfilment easily with our intuitive UI.

Does Shopify allow multi vendor store?

Shopify is one of the best platforms for building an ecommerce website. It is fast, reliable and has a huge community which can help with add-on requirements. However, it does not have any native facility to support a multi vendor marketplace store similar to an Amazon or eBay.
For this, you need two things -
One, find a theme online which helps you highlight vendors and their products on the frontend. Any theme will do, however there are some companies offering specialized themes. You can check them out here - themeforest.
Two, install a multi vendor marketplace plugin for Shopify (ShipTurtle) which will give you the ability to fulfill orders from separate vendors. Order splitting, separate vendor logins, vendor product listings, fulfillment, invoicing are some of the things which are critically needed to smoothly run a multi vendor marketplace or dropshipping store.


Features of ShipTurtle’s Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Application

Shopify Multi Vendor Features ShipTurtle
Shopify Multi Vendor Features ShipTurtle


  1. Vendor Type, Order Splitting and Routing
  2. Merchant and Multi Vendor Dashboards
  3. Shipping Labels and Tracking
  4. Merchant and Vendor Invoicing
  5. Vendor Products Listing and Commissions
  6. Seamless and secure Integration with Shopify
  7. Extensive configurability for each vendor separately
  8. Fantastic User Interface, Bulk Operations, CSV uploads
  9. Great Support
  10. Pricing

Vendor Type, Order Splitting and Routing

  1. Automatically split your Shopify orders into vendor sub-orders – including shipping, discount and tax bifurcation.
  2. Configure whether vendors receive orders instantly or post confirmation from admin
  3. Vendors receive orders on their dashboard as well as on email

ShipTurtle lets you configure two types of Vendors – marketplace or drop shippers. This has an impact on invoicing and commission tax rules.

Merchant and Multi Vendor Dashboards

  1. Merchant and all vendors have separate Dashboards
  2. Informative analytics and reports covering sales, product listings, commissions and more.
  3. Vendors can ship orders, generate invoice, manage listings and view commissions from their dashboard.

Multi Vendor Shipping Labels and Tracking

  1. Both merchants and vendors can configure their shipping partners.
  2. Our solution is designed to be a Shopify multi vendor with shipping app embedded. We are currently integrated with Fedex, Bluedart, Delhivery and Ecomm Express. Contact us for integrating other shipping partners.
  3. Integrated tracking of shipments in the dashboard across entire lifecycle - Label generation, Packing, Manifest, Pick up, Transit, Delivery and Returns.
  4. In case shipping labels are generated outside ShipTurtle, vendors can mention their shipping carrier and tracking number for shipments. Tracking of shipments will still be automatic.
  5. Option to fulfil orders and update tracking information directly on Shopify website
  6. Generate Shopify order picklists and Shipment manifests

Read more here -
ShipTurtle provides free Shopify shipping integration in-house. We do not integrate with any other application requiring extra charges.

Merchant and Multi Vendor Invoicing

  1. Both merchants and vendors can customize their own invoices
  2. For Dropship vendors, invoice goes from merchant to customer. For Marketplace vendors, invoice goes from vendor to customer.
  3. Supports GST invoicing in addition to other taxation formats
  4. Option to configure taxation in ShipTurtle or pick it directly from Shopify

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Vendor Products Listing and Commissions

  1. Both merchants and vendors can manage product listings – maintain product dimensions, taxes, category, commission etc.
  2. Vendors can manage publishing on merchant website and sync inventory
  3. Merchant can manage Commission at Global, Vendor, Category or Product level
    • Global commission can be set as a default for all products
    • Vendor commission overrides Global and it can be set separately for each vendor
    • Category commission overrides Vendor and can be set separately for each category
    • Product commission overrides all 3 above kinds and can be set at a product level
  4. Commission calculation can be configured for handling discounts, shipping revenue and taxes
    • Discount on an order can be split between merchant and vendor
    • Shipping paid by customer can be split between merchant and vendor
    • Merchant commission cane be calculated both on Product MRP or discounted price
  5. Automatic Commission reports and ability to manage payments to vendors

Seamless and secure Integration with Shopify

  1. Setup and get going within minutes
  2. Automatically sync Products, Orders, Vendors, Categories from Shopify store
  3. Conforms with global GDPR data security standards to ensure your data remains confidential and secure
  4. Merchant can configure whether he wants any write operations to his store (order status, product listing)

Most solutions in the market are generic requiring data duplication. ShipTurtle is the only fully integrated Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Application instantly syncing products, vendors, HSN, weight, cost price warehouses etc. from your Multi Vendor Shopify store.

Extensive configurability for each vendor separately

  1. Vendor privileges can be configured at all levels and for each vendor separately. You do not need to have a one size fits all approach.
  2. Add or remove rights to generate shipping labels
  3. Add or remove rights to generate invoice
  4. Add or remove rights to change tax information
  5. Add or remove rights to change product listing, delist products, change quantity

Improved configuration ease does not mean more complexity! For stores starting up, you can simply use a default setting across all your vendors.

Fantastic User Interface, Bulk Operations, CSV uploads

  1. We can bet ShipTurtle’s Shopify Multi Vendor application has the best User Interface in all its peers. It is fast – labels and invoices get created under a second. It is beautiful and intuitive with helpful tool tips and ease of access. You can even change the color to suit your brand theme!
  2. Nested filters, responsive UI, can be installed on your notebook’s desktop for instant access
  3. Bulk shipping for 100s of shipments at a time
  4. Bulk invoicing for 100s of orders at a time
  5. CSV uploads for products, orders, reconciliations

Our designers have kept ease of use as their topmost priority - You can view and manage tax, number of packages and dimensions, shipping label, tracking status, invoice reconciliations ... all from your Order screen. Try it out and be wowed!


  1. ShipTurtle has pricing for all stages of business – beginners, startups, business and enterprise. Pick one which suits you -

And most importantly …. Great Support

  1. Support ticket resolutions within 24 hours
  2. Access to both email and phone support
  3. Detailed documentation and help
  4. Open to evaluate custom requirements
  5. For any queries or demo – leave us a message on our website chat or write to us at

We caution you against Shopify experts who advice clients to invest 1000s of $ and many months of time to code and develop their own Multi vendor Marketplace backend in interest of "flexibiity" and "bandwidth". An app is much better for the same reason you are choosing Shopify over a custom website - it is much more reliable, robust and does not leave you at the mercy of developers to fix after project handover.
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So install ShipTurtle - Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin now. We guarantee full satisfaction!

Check out the screencast to see the basic functionalities of the app -> Single vendor and multi vendor, processing an order, invoicing and shipping


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