Commission Automation

Commission Automation

Introducing Shipturtle’s Commission Automation for Shopify Marketplaces

In the world of Shopify multi-vendor marketplaces, precise commission and earnings management are crucial. Shipturtle simplifies this process, giving you control over your marketplace.

Commission Control at Your Fingertips
Shipturtle allows you to set commissions at various levels, from Global to Vendor, Category, and Product specifics.

Fine-Tune Your Success
You can easily customize how you handle factors like Shipping, Discounts, Taxes, and more to fit your needs.

Instant Commission Insights
Generate “Commission Invoices” that summarize all vendor orders, including delivery status and returns, fostering trust among vendors.

Shipturtle’s Commission Automation streamlines your financial management in Shopify marketplaces, making it clear and easy to control.

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