Order Routing

Order Routing

When managing an order on your Shopify multi-vendor marketplace, which often comprises products from various vendors, manual order splitting into distinct ‘vendor sub-orders’ can be a time-consuming task. This process involves meticulous adjustments for product value, shipping, discounts, and numerous other factors, making it prone to errors.

Enter Shipturtle, the best multivendor app for Shopify, which revolutionizes this process!

Automated Order Dissection
Our advanced Shopify marketplace plugin automates the process of splitting orders from various vendors, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and reducing the risk of errors.

Efficient Vendor Focus
This intuitive system empowers your vendors to exclusively focus on their individual orders, efficiently generating invoices and shipping labels tailored to the right products and order value.

Advanced Order Configurations
The Shopify vendor portal offers advanced configurations, allowing you to ‘confirm’ orders based on specific rules before seamlessly passing them on to vendors for processing. This invaluable feature ensures you catch potential issues such as customer fraud or incorrect addresses, enhancing the efficiency of your ecommerce vendor management.

Enhanced Ecommerce Vendor Management
Shipturtle’s advanced features enhance the efficiency of managing vendors, providing a seamless experience for both merchants and vendors.

Streamlined Order Management
An automated process to eliminate order-related errors.

With Shipturtle’s multivendor shipping integration and Shopify marketplace extension, you can bid farewell to manual order splitting and welcome a seamless, error-free order management experience.

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