Vendor Shipping Labels

Vendor/ Branded Shipping Labels

Shipturtle, your trusted multivendor ecommerce platform, goes above and beyond.

With Shipturtle’s Vendor Shipping Labels feature, you can achieve seamless shipping automation by:

Seamless Integration for Vendors
Not only does it seamlessly integrate any number of shipping partners for merchants, but it also extends this capability to individual vendors through their dedicated panels. This proves invaluable for ecommerce multivendor management when vendors opt to ship parcels using their own established shipper tie-ups.

Automated Tracking Information
In typical scenarios, vendors would need to manually input tracking information and update shipping statuses for every order they dispatch. This manual process often results in a surge of errors and delays, inevitably leading to dissatisfied customers. Vendors can now generate labels using their exclusive API credentials, eliminating the need for manual tracking input and reducing errors and delays.

Enhanced Order Visibility
Gain comprehensive visibility into the precise status of each order, ensuring accurate information is relayed to customers through our dedicated ‘Tracking Page’.

Empowered Vendor Control
Vendors have secure, individualized control over label generation, providing them with a streamlined shipping experience.

Reliable, Error-Free Orders
With Shipturtle’s Vendor Shipping Labels feature, experience a hassle-free shipping process, free from complications and delays.

Say goodbye to shipping headaches and hello to seamless, error-free order fulfillment!

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