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Overview of the B2B Food Marketplace

B2B marketplaces are booming, and this is for a good reason. Specifically, food traders are gradually recognizing the potential for greater online exposure and improved customer services. 

As per a recent study, it was found that the B2B food marketplace business model is growing at a CAGR of over 18% from 2022 to 2028. 

A B2B marketplace for food allows transactions to connect suppliers of food, distributors, and wholesalers, with wholesale buyers. Such platforms provide a seamless process for purchasing food products in bulk at reasonable prices and provide efficient logistics and delivery chains. 

Some good examples of global food online marketplaces are Alibaba, FoodByUs, Food Maven,, and more. Further, there are platforms like Arab Food Hub that are region-specific, providing localized services and trade for Middle Eastern markets.

Off-the-shelf marketplace solution like Shipturtle can help you develop a new business in the food processing or beverage industry in quick time. 

The Global B2B Food Marketplace Platforms is estimated to be a market worth over 102.32 billion dollars by 2030. Source – Sphericalinsights

Understanding B2B Food Marketplace

  1. B2B online food businesses provide valuable tools such as supplier verification, product comparison, and market insights, helping business clients make prudent purchasing decisions. 
  2. The food business can range from beverages, food products, dairy, and grocery stores. 
  3. It also includes hotels and restaurants providing food services to its customers. 
  4. Among all these segments, the grocery food market is set to grow online beyond the estimated CAGR. 

Core Features for a B2B Food Marketplace:

By incorporating the following core features, a B2B food marketplace can create a valuable platform that streamlines food procurement, connects buyers and sellers efficiently, and promotes growth within the food industry.

For Buyers:

  • Product Discovery and Search:
    • Advanced search filters by category, dietary restrictions, certifications (organic, fair trade), location, and more.
    • Ability to browse product catalogs from various sellers.
  • Ordering and Procurement:
    • Streamlined ordering process with clear minimum order quantities (MOQs) displayed.
    • Options for requesting quotes, negotiating prices, and creating repeat orders.
    • Integration with existing procurement systems (optional).
  • Logistics and Delivery Management:
    • Visibility into delivery options, costs, and estimated timelines.
    • Ability to track orders in real-time.
  • Payment Processing:
    • Secure payment options with different terms (e.g., net 30) suitable for B2B transactions. Net30 on an invoice commonly refers to due payment thirty days after the date.  
    • Integration with popular invoicing software.
  • Communication and Collaboration:
    • Secure messaging system for communication with sellers and marketplace admins.
    • Option to request product information and specifications.
    • Access to order history and invoices.

For Sellers:

  • Product Listing and Management:
    • Easy-to-use interface to upload product information, including descriptions, images, certifications, and pricing.
    • Ability to manage inventory levels and set minimum order quantities (MOQs).
  • Order Management:
    • Real-time order notifications and order management system.
    • Ability to manage pricing and promotions.
    • Tools for generating invoices and tracking payments.
  • Marketing and Visibility:
    • Seller profiles to showcase company information and brand story.
    • Analytics to track customer behavior and optimize product offerings.
  • Communication and Collaboration:
    • Tools to communicate directly with buyers and respond to inquiries.
    • Access to order history and customer information.

Additional Features (depending on marketplace focus):

  • Sourcing and Sustainability Features: Ability to search for products based on specific sourcing criteria like local, sustainable, or fair trade practices.
  • Financing and Payment Solutions: Integration with financial service providers to offer financing options for buyers.
  • Quality Assurance Features: Tools and resources to ensure food safety and quality compliance.

How Can Shipturtle Uplift Your B2B Food Marketplace Business? 

Here are the reasons why Shipturtle could be your best partner in development of your online food business. 

I. Brand Partnerships

  • Shipturtle’s unique brand directory will help you partner with established brands in the food service industry and enhance your marketplace’s reputation and attract more buyers and suppliers.
  • Further, Shipturtle might have partnerships with well-regarded brands that can add trust and credibility to your platform.

II. 200+ Global Shippers Integrations

  • Shipping is an essential part of a successful marketplace. And your food service marketplace is incomplete without foolproof and efficient shipping mechanisms. 
  • Shiptutle goes beyond the shipping mechanism, which includes label generation, Rate API integrations, label cancellation, pickup scheduling, order tracking updates, and smooth returns options. 

III. Vendor Website Sync Solutions

  • Shipturtle Vendor Website Sync allows vendors and sellers to smoothly integrate their websites with the Shipturtle Dashboard. 
  • Shipturtle uses Webhooks (push) HTTP-requests unlike other software that rely on CRONjobs (pull).
  • The integration makes a smooth synchronization of Products, sales Inventory, and Order information between their platform and yours.

IV. Configurable Vendor Dashboard

  • Since the food business connects different sellers and vendors to buyers, the vendor dashboard is an important component of a marketplace. 
  • With the Shipturtle marketplace solution, Vendors and suppliers have the power to control their products from the dashboard. 
  • It allows vendors to add products, process orders, track earnings easily, and do much more. 

V. Powerful Payment Gateways Integrations

  • Ensuring a strong payment gateway is co-related to a quick and satisfied customer shopping experience. 
  • Shipturtle offers various payment gateway integrations like Stripe and PayPal. 
  • No more worrying about handling complex bank account setups. Shipturtle centralizes all your records right within its platform.

VI. Unlimited Product Lists, Vendors, and Orders

  • If you are an aspiring B2B or retail business owner or entrepreneur looking to build a powerful food marketplace. 
  • Shiptutrle offers complete freedom and unlimited store functionality like ultra-fast bulk product listing, and orders. vendors, consumers and so much more. 

Examples of 11 Top B2B Food Marketplace Platforms

Here are the top examples of food marketplace platforms for you to get inspired from: 

1. Food Maven

Website –

AD 4nXcxuBL5IRv82StwhCFe2Q5WK1D42UrEEaE3JSChuGvopJ01 grXSvS sbJWLmeUa7U6pCEBZZBy8P5iorIZXUg8w0l74VzE9hM21EAJDIuSUx8eeKaGs1WGtH1lx5iRdPTy nJDQEI7x6sZKgJ7XJ NRX0b?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw

Food Maven operates in the United States, following a unique model aiming to reduce food wastage. Wow! 

  • It enables suppliers to recover revenue from surplus food and allows buyers to purchase food at lower costs.
  • The platform offers a wide range of products that include fresh food items, dairy products, and packaged meat, available at a much cheaper price.
  • It also provides convenient and timely delivery solutions to its buyers.
  • The e-commerce platform is built in partnership with Orocommerce’s suite of solutions. 

2. FoodbyUS

Website –


FoodByUs is a popular Australia-based B2B food marketplace bringing various restaurants and other food businesses with a wide range of distributors and suppliers.

  • The platform offers a variety of local food items including meat products, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. 
  • This streamlined service approach saves time and brings operational efficiency to B2B food marketplace businesses.

How does it work? 

  1. It offers a powerful Order Management System for food suppliers to run their business without a hassle. 
  2. The marketplace has streamlined the entire ordering process by allowing users to place orders from multiple wholesale suppliers in any location, removing the need for individual interference.
  3. Simple sign up for buyers to place wholesale orders.  ​

3. Agorara

Website –

AD 4nXfw8f062GUEC4c1ne65lh 3U0emTWPA0J73crhqaO73dYYZi8PPp1HXN9JvznRP1lcGi Dkq4Jiz9I648GVMxdwGU TAzlseA12T hCBXQfiy9Mm5lCTlh8 wkMfeWfVKHh 27sRaOogaKmwE3Fg 1kybHc?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw
  • is yet another example of a successful B2B food and beverage wholesale marketplace connecting different food sellers and buyers across the globe. 
  • The platform allows transactions across a diverse network of suppliers, and distributors, including farmers, producers, manufacturers, and wholesalers from different countries like Australia Italy, and Germany. 
  • allows sellers to access new markets and expand their customer base because of their platform’s popularity.

What does the platform offers?

  • On the platform, anyone can become a distributor or wholesaler. 
  • The marketplace offers a range of items like honey, fruits, dairy, vegetables, and more. It is a dynamic wholesale food hub. 
  • The platform enables easy procurement, allowing businesses to order from multiple suppliers without the need for individual interventions. 
  • It also has various shipping methods, discounts, and offers that enhance the purchasing experience and build customer experiences.

4. Cater Nation

Website –

, Top B2B Food Marketplace and Global Wholesale Hub

Cater Nation is a famous food marketplace that has partnered with professionals and businesses of luxury restaurants and catering service providers. They specialize in end-to-end catering services, giving a wide range of food options, from local cuisines to international ones. The platform handles the entire process from ordering food services to delivering the food item. 

They have a magnificent customer service experience allowing last-moment customization to orders. They also offer discounts and reward programs for members of the platform. 

5. BioLinked

Website –

AD 4nXcrNpZVMMJxZ1p4XD5g2yhAWx8OYGQX1GWee 5xMiOngxM6gYpOQJiMoLdU9nBm6F3f997qeBQtTO8QHFoPzcTPUwf3wznEbjUValm3N4qbkiaPQaukvIkXsTH0EOKeKicqLyGYkfg0cBDyaizoaWl5 fKO?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw

Biolinked is one of the largest organic food marketplaces. Biolinked main aim was to connect business buyers and sellers of organic food. They established a platform where organic food suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and importers can connect with organic food buyers. 

They have one of the best online stores that caters to high-quality organic food. Their main goal is to connect business buyers to organic suppliers from all over the world. On their platform, you can have access to filtered organic products, certificates of authentication, location, and other information on the product page. 

6. Notch

Website –

AD 4nXewd3DH4 RIEVxh5F g0JmOTnrMr4sCe9yiHdlSzEtAWE1QQDDFRa6U4NZPI1eqvEcpXbt1fD0EDI0cLhxUO p0qErUo1Vm05 q4Fho por0U53uIJYjaEAyQ3RGFlabJ7A4foCdfNm8p8ULCJ2ZISmIs?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw

Notch is yet another magnificent food service store marketplace connecting various restaurants and distributors by integrating it into their existing platforms. They simplify business food ordering services.

They have smooth food operational processes like invoice reconciliations, integrated payment methods, real-time pricing mechanisms, and clubbing order management together. They also have task automation to ensure food service owners and the staff bring efficiency to work done. 

7. Emerge

Website –

AD 4nXcAkyfqzRUaYyAEwlOUy17bny2FrFGyKI wGmOG0T3bcowsuqvjlJbn4rGMyM1IUiDmRyv6y5YkZB4A9ayvWAk3ojgulAil7ddiVwWVsX85y95bMCOB1yvi1eFan5Q8QaHQ6 cy MyoM20Ded9QIY42EYk?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw

Emerge is a classic example of a rapidly growing B2B online food trader business. It is an Italian-based food marketplace serving in the food sector. They have integrated systems that allow businesses to learn about food variety, quality, sourcing information and so much more. They offer sample testing, product comparisons, and order management on the platform. 

8. Arab Food Hub

  Website –

AD 4nXdjuiaZI2UBdaigmNz4Y6qXz00 tSlLpuuiV QAKM2BWNUh4uRLmEXrRz7Ri2jiWqh7Yi11 7vfFhGpBoSU1tuqz2McQLMgT154FeKfmbafkobRLKqNeTuGCmbJ5hCyTrXCjSV4VfQBHGwjzSlJvwTgS3zs?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw

Arab Food Hub is a popular online marketplace concentrated in the Middle East countries. They offer various food and agriculture products on their platforms. They have an advanced online platform that connects national and international importers, exporters, and other service providers within the food and agricultural sector.

They have successfully integrated supply chain mechanisms, trading automation, escrow services, and trading verification services for overall smooth transactions.


Website –

AD 4nXerINbHK YrewIDXRKuh6 JcCVtxd0fimlibZLoTR8csEWZeA9NmgDIxQddyMlsht1o2uEwsooPKBK1pC8hvvjrvaG5MdMwDZfqSgOdzazeFV yeOVdC3X1fONulV04b02uaL0Lz7IKoKmLyqUPBwedflXN?key=DSwzsil1LuHyMAhh5mQJqw is a famous online food platform serving the B2B segment. Its primary role is to connect various small farmers with different restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. The farmers are from a small village in Hungary. The platform smoothly links every detail of the product to the brand distributorships with all necessary information. 

10. RangeMe

Website –

AD 4nXfAtpsRHnptOEiDjq5B23Av2MJjl

RangeMe is a globally acclaimed product discovery channel allowing suppliers, and retailers to source, discover, connect, and grow their business on the platforms. It seamlessly connects different suppliers of packaged food items like food and beverages to business buyers. 

They have an advanced marketing tool to compare products, give insights, and find the right source for new products. Buying and selling products on the platform is smooth and intuitive. 

11. Gusto Market

Website –

AD 4nXdfLFHM94w124JLsQn7jxPDMok9QpvZSi4UcTI180DS4SHyK4EoPf8Vfn6ugpIwZPVqhQkejohrmMoMSwLey peo6 PYFFRqkvZH6iNeknJKq0

It is a Ukrainian-based food online platform. Their main aim is to revolutionize the way people order food from various restaurants, cafes, and food suppliers. Their motive is to ensure people find every kind of culinary and taste of food they are looking for. They have been supporting local food businesses building community and sustainability. 

How does it work? 

  • Gusto has a user-friendly interface, and a good delivery network ensuring prompt delivery services. 
  • Their platform allows real-time order tracking, a smooth user interface, and personalized product recommendations. 
  • They have now started serving catering solutions to corporates and big businesses as well, changing the entire service standard in the food delivery industry. 


The B2B online food marketplace is booming and it is evident for marketplace owners, suppliers, vendors, and distributors to make the most out of the food industry. The food business is a billion-dollar market across the globe creating business opportunities. These food e-commerce stores provide a lot of benefits to businesses by allowing them to source products from local suppliers, create a niche market, and promote global wholesale trade solutions. 

Moreover, we have added the top examples of a typical B2B business in the food industry along with giving you ideas on how the Shipturtle marketplace solution can help you scale and promote your food marketplace in a better way. 

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