Vendor Website Sync

Vendor Website Sync

Introducing Shipturtle’s Revolutionary Vendor Website Sync Feature

Are you a Shopify marketplace owner struggling with vendor management? Shipturtle has the game-changing solution you need – Vendor Website Sync, a vital component of our Shopify multi-vendor plugin. This innovative feature is set to transform the way you and your vendors collaborate and manage your ecommerce operations.

Seamless Integration
Our Vendor Website Sync empowers your vendors to effortlessly integrate their websites with their Shipturtle Dashboard. This integration enables smooth synchronization of Product, Inventory, and Order information between their platform and yours.

Overcoming Stock Challenges
Keeping stock updated is a significant challenge for vendors, essential to avoid both over-selling and under-selling. For startups, this challenge can be a major deterrent for potential vendors. Shipturtle’s Vendor Website Sync is the solution.

Effortless Product Management
With this feature, vendors can import all products from their website, handpick the ones they want to list, and map them to the corresponding Merchant Product. From that point onwards, any inventory changes on either website are automatically mirrored on the other.

Complete Visibility
Shipturtle meticulously maintains a comprehensive change log, offering you complete visibility into every modification made. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to data-driven decision-making.

Automation and Collaboration
Vendor sync is a pivotal stride in our mission to automate every possible aspect, reducing errors, amplifying scalability, accelerating processes, and delivering a unified source of truth. It’s the key to revolutionizing the way you and your vendors collaborate on our platform.

A Must-Have for Your Marketplace: If you want your Shopify marketplace to thrive, Vendor Website Sync is a must-have feature for your Shopify plugin. It’s the missing piece that streamlines operations and takes your marketplace to the next level.

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