Shipping Integrations

Shipturtle has Full Suite Shipping integrations with over a 100 partners across the world. Other apps in the offer only Shipping label generation with their integration. Shipturtle on the other hand covers the entire spectrum – Rate API, Label generation, Label cancellation, Pickup, Tracking and Returns.

You can integrate as many Shippers as you want in Shipturtle and negotiate rates with them directly. We take no commission in the entire shipping process. This gives you the flexibility to use Rate API and select the cheapest shipper for any order’s route. Not only this if you find the service of any Shipper unsatisfactory, you can switch to another seamlessly, your team does not need to take the pain of adjusting to a new dashboard or process.

Shipturtle boasts one of the best Order UI, where the order automatically moves across different tabs depending on the Shipment status. This helps your team manage orders efficiently.

In case you need a Shipper currently not integrated, please write to We will be happy to integrate it for you.

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