Revolutionizing Discoverability and Brand Equity: Magikelf Curated Marketplace Empowers Homegrown Brands

Magikelf, launched in June 2021, is a game-changing curated marketplace that showcases unique and tailored products from homegrown brands. With a primary focus on enhancing discoverability, scalability, and brand equity, Magikelf offers an exclusive platform for these brands to thrive. Unlike larger platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, where products get lost in generic search results alongside cheaper and lower-quality alternatives, Magikelf ensures homegrown brands reach their intended target audience, secure the right price, and reduce operational challenges caused by high return rates.

Integration Challenges in assisting homegrown brands with vendor integration and product updates

Magikelf faced the challenge of assisting homegrown brands with limited technical know-how in seamlessly integrating as vendors on their website. While Magikelf had developed a robust front-end to showcase brand catalogs and efficient operational processes, the primary obstacle was enabling brands to easily update their product details and synchronize them with the website. Building an in-house marketplace management technology would be time-consuming, costly, and divert attention from the platform’s true objective of empowering small brands. This is where Magikelf discovered Shipturtle, a comprehensive platform for creating and managing marketplaces, providing a transformative solution for their integration challenges.

Following the integration of Magikelf with Shipturtle, the results were truly outstanding. 

In just six months, Magikelf successfully onboarded 70 brands, leading to an extraordinary 27X revenue growth. Notably, 35% of this remarkable revenue surge came from their top two vendors, who achieved an impressive average order value (AOV) of $12.

The brands experienced enhanced discoverability after listing on Magikelf, surpassing the exposure they received on horizontal marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and more. This collaboration empowered Magikelf to propel its growth and provide a distinctive platform for brands to thrive and excel.

  • Sales witnessed a significant surge, with a category-wise increase of 80% in differentiated products, 20% in non-differentiated products, and 50% in made-to-order items.
  • Return rates dropped to an impressive 5%, compared to 45% on horizontal marketplaces.
  • Year-on-year revenue experienced a substantial 65% growth, accompanied by a notable 40% increase in sales.

Through efficient and expedited vendor operations, Magikelf successfully enhances the brand experience by providing valuable insights that boost sales, prioritizing the growth of partner brands.

Ankit Gupta, Founder at Magikelf, shares, “This is a simple, easy to use app that can be used as a CMS,IMS,OMS,LMS for a single or multi vendor platform. We have found it quite useful and deployment or integration time is quite low, helping in early and fast Go To Market for new businesses. We hope that with new capabilities under way, this will become more formidable.”

Magikelf, in collaboration with Shipturtle as their backend partner, continues to empower homegrown brands, enabling their business scalability, building customer trust, and effectively overcoming operational and technical challenges.

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