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Generating Invoices

Invoicing in Shipturtle is as simple as can be with various customization options. Your invoices are stored on cloud and can be retrieved safely and securely from anywhere.

Step 1: Selecting Invoice Settings

You need to configure invoices at 2 places within ShipTurtle –

  1. Configuring Shop Settings – Go to Shops -> Edit Shop. Toggle setting “Set tax rules on ShipTurtle” to either retrieve tax information from your channel directly or handle it within ShipTurtle. In case you are handling it within ShipTurtle, you need to select whether your incoming order line items include or exclude tax, and if tax is applicable on shipping.
    Example – If Prices have tax included, then the invoice will be for $90.9 + $9.1 (Product tax) + $8.3 + $1.7 (Shipping tax) = $110
    If Prices have tax excluded, then the invoice will be for $100 + $10 (Product tax) + $10 + $2 (Shipping tax) = $122
  1. Configuring Billing & Invoice – Go to Settings -> Billing & Invoice. Input your Billing details. Configure the format of your invoice copy –
    • Tick GST format (India) to split your taxes into IGST/SGST/CGST component
    • Enter the number of decimal digits you want to display on your invoice. If you enter 2, $10.768 will show as $10.76.
    • Select which date should appear – Order date or Invoice creation date on Shipturtle
    • Configure your invoice number – sets its prefix, starting number and number of digits.
    • Add notes to the bottom left or bottom right of your invoice as required.

Your invoice number will automatically increment for each invoice generated. If you generate invoices in bulk, the numbers will get incremented for each invoice in sequence.

Billing and Invoicing Settings

Step 2: Manage Taxes in Shipturtle

This section is only applicable if you have ticked the option within your Shop settings.

Read more at –

Step 3: Generating and cancelling Invoices

You can generate invoices either for a single order or for hundreds of orders at a go using “Bulk Invoices” option.

  1. Single invoice – Click on the “Generate invoice” button at the row level. A pop up will ask you to confirm the invoice number. Once generated the Invoice icon turns green and you can download the copy
  2. Bulk invoice – Select the orders and navigate to Action -> Bulk Invoices
  3. Cancelling Invoices – Select the orders and navigate to Action -> Cancel Invoices

Step 4 – Emailing Invoices

You can email a copy of the invoice along with Order details by clicking on the email icon at row level or using “Bulk email” option at the Order level.

  1. If Multi vendor option is selected, the email will go to the Vendor + Warehouse with a CC to the merchant
  2. If Multi vendor is not selected, the email will go to the Merchant and Warehouse

Step 5 – Download Invoice details for Accounting / Analysis

Filter your Orders and click the Export button on the top right of the Orders screen to download your Order and Invoice details. All details are available at an Order Line item / Product level.

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