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Setting up your own Email domain / SMTP

By default Shipturtle, sends Emails using its own service. While we mask emails sent with your brand name, if a user clicks the sender details it will still show the Shipturtle service being used on the backend.

To use your own SMTP service instead, follow the configuration steps outlined below. Please note that this facility is only available on our higher plans, See for more details.

Step 1: Setting up SMTP Email

Go to “Settings” and “Email and Templates”

Step 2: Add details

Check the box in front of “Configure the email address from which the emails are to be sent” and fill in the details under it. The “outgoing server” and “port code” can be found on google depending on the domain of your email address.

Here the “Sender Address” is the ID which will be seen in “From” in an email. The “Email Address” is the account that will be used to send the email. And the “reply to” email is the ID where the email will go in case of a failed delivery to the desired address.

Step 3: Send Test Email

You can also send a Test Mail by clicking on the “Send Test Mail” button at the bottom.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are my emails not going?

Once we configure your SMTP server, you will get your entire Mail status on your SMTP partner. Please log into their account to check delivery status. You can check Mail Logs under Shipturtle to see if the email has been triggered from within the application

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