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Commission Invoice is a summary of the Earnings/Commissions of a Merchant for all Orders processed in a selected time period or any other selection. This makes it easy for both the Merchant and the Vendor to view what the Merchant owes the Vendor with details and settle the same.
Before reading this article you can also review this document for details on how to set Commission.

Note 1 - Depending on whether the Merchant is a dropshipper or a marketplace, the document may be called a Commission invoice or a Purchase settlement. Both serve the same purpose.
Note 2 - We sometimes hear from merchants that they need changes as per their Country's taxation standards. While we are not experts at taxation and the module has been designed in a generic fashion for all users globally, you may write in your queries at

Step 1: Select Orders for invoicing

Select the orders which you want to generate an Invoice for. Some tips for selection –
Use Filters – The filters at the top will help you select a particular Vendor, Date Range etc. In most cases, Merchants create invoices every month/forthnight/week.
Select Orders from Single Vendor – Each Invoice can have orders belonging to only a single Vendor. If you select different Vendors while generating an Invoice, the app will show an error.
Select only Unpaid and non-Invoiced Orders – Once any order is Invoiced or Marked Paid, the app will prevent it from being Invoiced. To resolve this, first cancel the earlier invoice or unmark the Paid status. Try again after that.
Use Dropdown for viewing more Orders – The default view is 10 orders to keep the app fast. But you can change it to a higher number for ease of selection
Check Delivery status – In most cases, invoices are made only once the Order is delivered, so note the status or use filters for it.

image 31
Generating Commission Invoices 7

Step 2: Generate Invoice

Click Actions -> Generate Commission Invoice. A pop-up will appear with the summary of the Invoice. You can enter details for the Invoice number, Remarks etc. or leave them blank.

image 32
Generating Commission Invoices 8
image 33
Generating Commission Invoices 9

Step 3: View Commission Invoice

Once generated, the Invoice number will reflect on all the Orders for which it is generated.
You can view the current as well as all Previous Invoices in the tab “View Commission Invoice”. click on the “View” button next to the Invoice to get the PDF copy.

image 35
Generating Commission Invoices 10
image 36
Generating Commission Invoices 11

Step 4: Pay/Email/Delete Commission Invoice

Each Generated Invoice has the following options –
1. Pay – Make payment to the Vendor for the Invoice amount. Options for payment methods like “Stripe” and “Paypal” will show here if integrated with your panel. By default “Manual” option is always available where you can make Payment offline and maintain the reference number of the transaction in the app. Once an Invoice is Paid, the status of corresponding Orders will also change to “Paid” in the Commission page.
2. View – View the invoice, discussed in previous step
3. Email – Email the copy to the Vendor
4. Delete – Delete the Invoice and remove all Payment references for the relevant orders

image 37
Generating Commission Invoices 12

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

1. My Payment options are not showing. What do I do?

You need to first follow our KB articles for integrating your payment method like “Stripe” or “Paypal”. The details have to be entered and valid for your Vendor as well before you are able to make the payment to the respective Vendor.

2. I have certain statutory compliances which are not being met in the Commission Invoice

The Tax rules of each country are different. The module which we have created is Generic in nature. Please write to us at for customizations.

3. Can I setup automatic generation of Commission Invoices and Payment to my Vendors the moment orders are received on my store?

Currently no. It is certainly possible to configure this fairly easily on the app, but we suggest this is not a good approach. Orders coming on your website may be undelivered, returned, replaced etc. during its cycle. So it is best to select orders where the transaction is closed before generating the invoice and payment.

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