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Adding Users and logging into Shipturtle

First time Logging into Shipturtle as an Admin

There are two ways for a merchant to log in to Shipturtle –
1. On installing Shipturtle, an email is sent to the merchant with their login credentials. Please check your spam in case you are not able to find it. This password is important for you to make Settings changes within the app. You can change the password to something you can remember from within the app.
Both merchants and vendors can login on Cloud by going to on your browser. (This link is replaced by a custom URL in case the merchant has taken a Whitelabeled plan.) Shipturtle has 2 types of users: Admin User (full access to all data and settings) and Vendor user (access to only their own data). There is no limit on the number of users that can be added as admin or vendor.
2. In case you have misplaced your credentials, you can also login simply by going to your Shopify admin -> Apps -> Shipturtle.
Once you do this, go to the App -> Settings -> Users & Permission. You can change your password there.

The following steps outline how to create additional users in the system or edit details for existing –

Step 1: Navigate to Settings for Users & Permissions

There are two ways you can access the Users and Permissions page
1. Go to Settings -> Users and Permissions (will show all users)
2. Vendors -> Vendors List -> Edit Vendor -> Users and Permissions (will show users belonging to a particular Vendor)

Step 2: Click on the “Add (+)” sign

Step 3: Add User

 Fill in all the required fields on the page and click on “Save” to create the user. The vendor name is to be selected from the drop down list. The Role of the User will automatically change basis the name of the Vendor selected. If the name is that of the Merchant store, the Role will be “Admin User”. For any other name, the Role will be a “Vendor User”.

Step 4: The newly created user is visible on top of the list

As soon as the user is created, they will receive a mail on their registered email address with your login credentials, which makes it easier for reference in the future.

Step 5: Remove or Edit Users

Go to “Users and Permissions” as in Step 1 above at any time and click on either “Delete” or “Edit” buttons to make changes to the Users or their password.

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