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Stripe Connect integration offers a way to easily transfer money from Merchant account to Vendor account seamlessly from within the app. For this the Merchant needs to have a “Stripe Connect account” which enables them to initiate payments and their Vendors need to have a “Stripe account” which enables them to receive payments.

A common question from merchants is how this impacts the payment gateway they use on their website. Please note the following flow of money –

  1. Payment from Customer to Merchant (you) – This is handled by the payment gateway you configure on your website frontend. This could be Stripe, Paypal, Cashfree or anything you want to use. When the customer pays, the money will land in your bank account. Shipturtle has no role to play in this. The transaction fee if any will be levied by your PG.
  2. Payment from Merchant to Vendor – This will be handled by the integration you do on Shipturtle (what this article is about). When you pay, the money will land in your Vendor’s bank account. A transaction fee separate from the one above may or may not be levied by the PG again. (Shipturtle at no point in time will handle any of your money or levy any fee from our end)
Note that Stripe and Stripe Connect are not available in all countries. Please visit to check for your country.

Step 1: Merchant – create a Stripe account and get the Secret key

In order to integrate Stripe with ShipTurtle we will require Secret key and Client Id, based on which you will be able to make payments to your vendor.
You can get the Secret Key from Stripe Admin panel, go to Developers->Api Keys, note it will require it in Shipturtle for setup.

image 8
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 14

Step 2: Setup Stripe Connect -> Settings

In order to make payments to vendor, you need to set up Stripe Connect. Go to Stripe->Settings and click on Get Started button which is displayed in the Connect Box.

image 9
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 15

Step 3: Select Platform or Marketplace option

Once you click on the Get Started button a popup will appear, select Platform or Marketplace option and click on Continue button.

image 10
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 16

Step 4 – Save Branding Information

After clicking the Continue button, you need to add branding information, kindly note this is compulsory and without it, you won’t be able to do payments.

image 11
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 17
Note: Please ensure to select the Brand and Accent color without which the branding won’t be complete. Stripe gives an error if these settings are not in place and the setup won't be complete without it.

Step 5 – Get Client ID

Once branding information is saved, you can scroll down to the Integration Section and get the client ID from there, copy it will require it in Shipturtle for setup.

image 12
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 18

Step 6 – Add Callback URL

Need to setup Redirect URI for the Vendor approval, click on Add URI button and a popup will appear.

image 13
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 19

Copy this URL and paste it in the redirect URI section:

Note: If you are white labeled customer you need to change redirect URI as per your whitelabel domain.
For example: If your whitelabelled domain is then the redirect URI will become
image 14
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 20

Step 7 – Configure Stripe in Shipturtle

Login to Shipturtle account and go to Settings->Payment Integration.

image 15
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 21

Step 8 – Add Stripe as a Payment Mode

Click on Plus Icon (+) to configure stripe with Shipturtle.

image 16
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 22

Step 9 – Add Stripe Client ID and Secret

Paste the Client ID and Secret in the respective boxes and click on save, if the Client Id and Secret are correct and all steps are follow correctly till now, the app will display “Connected” as status on the listing page. We are done with Merchant setup for Stripe. The next step is to make sure that all vendors provide required documents to Stripe so that the merchant can connect to them for making payments.

image 17
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 23

Step 10 – Vendors connect to Stripe from their login

Once the Merchant has enabled Stripe on the app, Vendors to enter the app from their login and go to Settings -> Payment Integration -> “Connect to Stripe”. They will be redirected to Stripe where they can either create a new account or login to their existing account. Once done, this will create a link between both the Merchant and Vendor accounts to enable seamless payouts.

Note: Merchant won’t be able to make payments to the vendor till the vendor's documents are submitted and verified by Stripe. It might take some time for vendor approval and they might need to resubmit details twice or thrice as per requirements by Stripe. 
image 18
Stripe Connect Integration - for Vendor Payments 24

Step 11 – Check connection status

To check the connection status for any Vendor, the Merchant can select the Vendor from the Vendor Listing page (Vendors->Vendors List) and click on Edit button -> select Payment Integration tab, it will show the status of the vendor (if it is connected or not)

Once the documents are submitted and approved by Stripe the status of the vendor will be changed and it will display Charges Enabled and Details Submitted. Once you get this screen you are good to make payment to the vendor.

image 19
Stripe not connected
image 20
Stripe Connected

Step 12 – Make Payments via Commission module

Once the vendor account is approved you can setup the commission rules for the vendor based on which commission calculations and payouts can be managed. (refer to the relevant article on the Knowledge base to know more about it)

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need Stripe Connect? Is Stripe not sufficient?

Stripe by itself is a solution for Merchants to receive money into their account. It is usually the gateway of choice for many ecommerce websites on checkout.
Stripe Connect is required if a Merchant wants to transfer money to another entity. In order to pay commission to Vendors, this is required.

2. Stripe / Stripe Connect is not available in our country. What do I do?

You will need to contact Stripe for more information on when they will be present in your country. You can use one of our other gateways like Paypal to make payments meanwhile. If you want us to do a custom integration for a different provider in your country, please write to us at

3. What is the flow of the money and what transaction fees are involved?

The flow of money is in two steps –
– From Customer to Merchant bank account via the Payment Gateway configured on the website. (Shipturtle has no role in it)
– From Merchant to Vendor bank account via the Payment Gateway configured on Shipturtle

It is possible that there are two transaction fees involved in these steps or a single one.
To know more, you will need to speak to Stripe to find out the transaction fee involved in your country. Shipturtle has no role in this amount.

4. I have made a payment on the app. How much time does it take to go through?

If everything is configured correctly, we display a success message when the transaction is initiated. This happens almost instantly. You can also check the status on your Stripe dashboard.

5. Will the money be transferred to my Vendor automatically when a customer places an order?

No the money will not be transferred automatically. You need to make a Commission Invoice for selected orders and then transfer the money. This flow is meant to help you decide which orders are delivered, returned, refunded etc. before sending the money to your vendors.

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