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This article will help first time users configure their Shop, Company and Billing settings

Step 1 – Shop Settings

When you install Shipturtle from your ecommerce store, a “Shop” will be automatically be created for your store in Shipturtle. A Shop is nothing but a store or a channel in Shipturtle terminology.

You can have multiple Shops or Channels in Shipturtle. You can connect multiple Shopify stores as well as make “Offline Shops” and punch orders directly in Shipturtle.

Shopify Shop Settings

  1. Input and review your Currency, Weight and Dimensions units
  2. Set Tax rules – Toggle setting “Set tax rules on ShipTurtle” to either retrieve tax information from your channel directly or handle it within ShipTurtle. In case you are handling it within ShipTurtle, you need to select whether your incoming order line items include or exclude tax, and if tax is applicable on shipping.
  3. Automatically update order status on Shopify – If enabled, once you create a shipment the shipping detail and tracking number will automatically get pushed to your Shopify store.
Shop Setting

Step 2 – Company Settings

Fill in all details for your company. Some fields will be Pre-populated with details of your connected ecommerce shop.

  1. Add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma (,). You will receive order updates, excel downloads etc. on these addresses.
  2. Your logo and brand name will be used on documents like Invoice and emails
Company Settings

Step 3 – Billing and Invoicing

Add your Billing details on this page. There is an option to tick in case it is the same as Company details.

Configure the format of your invoice copy –

  1. Tick GST format (India) to split your taxes into IGST/SGST/CGST component
  2. Enter the number of decimal digits you want to display on your invoice. If you enter 2, $10.768 will show as $10.76.
  3. Select which date should appear – Order date or Invoice creation date on Shipturtle
  4. Configure your invoice number – sets its prefix, starting number and number of digits.
  5. Add notes to the bottom left or bottom right of your invoice as required.

Your invoice number will automatically increment for each invoice generated. If you generate invoices in bulk, the numbers will get incremented for each invoice in sequence.

Billing Settings
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