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You can access our API Documentation here

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to using the Shipturtle API.

1. Creating the access token

Access tokens are essential for interacting with Shipturtle’s API, as they authenticate and authorize users, ensuring secure access to our services. This section guides you through the process of obtaining an access token, enabling you to start leveraging the API’s capabilities.

Pre Requisites for Using API’s

To Access the feature of API INTEGRATION , you will need to acquire the corresponding plan.

API Integration 2
A guide to using Shipturtle APIs 9
On the Shipturtle Dashboard, navigate to “API integration”
Navigating to APIs Dashboard
Navigating to APIs Dashboard
Click on “Create Access Token:
Creating access token
Creating access token
Set “username”, “password” & API Access Permissions

You can set choose “Order API Access”, “Product API Access” OR both

Setting API Access
Setting Access
Click on “create access token”
 Creating API Access Token
Creating API Access Token
Copy your access token

You can share this with the developer

Copying  API Access Token
Copying API Access Token

Revoking Access Token

To revoke access to click on “delete button” under action
Revoking API Access Token
Revoking API Access Token
Click on “revoke” button

This API Access Token will immediately be disabled. API requests made using this token will be rejected,which could cause any systems still depending on it to break. Once revoked, you’ll no longer be able to view this API Token.

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