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Whitelabeling Shipturtle with your own Brand

It is possible to completely “Whitelabel” Shipturtle. This means that we will remove our branding from the entire application and replace it with yours. Hence, to your Vendors, the app will look like it has been built inhouse by you.

This has several advantages from a Brand positioning perspective. Since only your Brand will be visible, they will have no concerns with regards to Data privacy, your company will look much more Professional and this will also promote your Brand further.

Step 1: Create a CName Record

Create a cname record and point it to Write to us on once this is done.
For example – If you want to have as a link for vendors to login, cname value will be vendors and it will point to

Step 2: DNS Propagation

Wait for the DNS to propagate. It can take from a few minutes to a few hours for it to happen.

Step 3: Whitelabel settings

Go to Multi Vendor Settings -> White label and change settings as required.
Please note that you will see this option below only once you have created a CNAME record and we have enabled the module for you. We can only enable the module AFTER you have created the CNAME record and hence this is a dependency on you.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which parts of the app are Whitelabeled?

On your website, your Vendor Login, Vendor Registration as well as Tracking Pages will be Whitelabled with your brand.
Within the app, we will remove our Branding and only keep your Logo. The mention of “Shipturtle” throughout the app will be removed.
Finally, all emails going to your Vendors or Customers will no longer have our mention

2. How do I send emails with my own Mail server?

This can be done from here –

3. Do you have whitelabeled Help documentation?

Currently not, you can however make your own instruction videos and send them to your Vendors using the “News” feature

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