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Step – 1 : Login to the shopify store

Step – 2 : Create an Application

Go to settings → Apps and sales channels → Develop Apps → Create an App

Step -3 : Define access scopes

Go to API Credentials tab

Click on Configure Admin API Scopes
Select all the scopes listed below:
Please note all data is completely confidential to Shipturtle and not used for any purpose except for functioning of the app. We follow the strictest GDPR compliance. Our privacy policy –

  • Product Inventory Sync Scopes *REQUIRED* – These Permissions are must for using the Vendor Product Sync feature for reading Products and Inventory
    • read_inventory
    • read_locations
    • read_product_listings
    • read_products
    • write_inventory
    • write_locations
    • write_product_listings
    • write_products
  • Order Sync Scopes *REQUIRED* – These permissions are must for using Vendor Order Sync feature for us to read and write Orders to the Vendor Store
    • read_assigned_fulfillment_orders
    • read_custom_fulfillment_services
    • read_fulfillments
    • read_order_edits
    • read_orders
    • write_assigned_fulfillment_orders
    • write_custom_fulfillment_services
    • write_fulfillments
    • write_order_edits
    • write_orders
  • Future Required Scopes – These permissions are currently not required but may be needed for future features.
    • read_customers
    • read_metaobject_definitions
    • read_metaobjects
    • write_customers
    • write_metaobject_definitions
    • write_metaobjects

Click on save button

Step – 4 : Install the Application

After that again navigate to API Credentials tab and install App

Step -5 : Generate Access token

Once you install it, click on Reveal Token Once

After revealing it copy the token and paste it somewhere as it is very crucial for getting vendorsync on shipturtle

Step – 6 : Open Shipturtle Application

Open shipturtle URL SHIPTURTLE

Login with credentials provided by merchant

Move to Vendor Inventory Sync tab

Step – 7 : Connect to shopify store

You will see an icon of Shopify and connect button

Click on connect and enter the domain as defined in shopify when you have created the store. If you don’t remember go to store → settings → store details and you can find storename and then append i.e., If your store name is vendorsync then your domain would be

Enter the access token that we had generated above

Click on submit

Step – 8 : Merchant Approval

Wait for the merchant approval

Once approved by merchant, vendor can see their products and inventory levels sync

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