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Configure Gmail as your SMTP Email Domain

By default, Shipturtle uses its own Email service provider to send emails from the app. However it is recommended to setup your own Mail Service within Shipturtle so that you can control blocked domains, have better sender score etc.

To do this, navigate to Settings -> Email configuration. (feature is available only for select plans)
Click on Custom email setup and select your Driver. We are sharing the steps below to configure SMTP / your own Gmail account.

Step 1: Ensure 2 factor authentication

Ensure 2 factor authentication is enabled for your Gmail account. Confirm this by going to

Step 2: Create App Password

To get one, go to the App Passwords section of your Google account by going to, drop down the menu, and select Mail and Generate. Bear in mind that once you close the App Passwords page, you can never see this unique password ever again for security reasons. So make sure you copy it before you close the page; otherwise, you must cancel it and redo it.

Step 3: Configure SMTP in Shipturtle with the above app password.

Step 4 – Check Test email

Go to the Settings -> Mail Logs. Confirm the test email has been sent successfully or Failed.

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

1. My customers / sellers are not getting emails. What do I do?

Check Settings -> Mail logs. In case the emails are not appearing there at all, they have not been triggered by the app. If the email status is showing Failed, it means that there is something wrong with the Mail configuration or email is being blocked.

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