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When building a Shopify multivendor marketplace, Shipturtle’s Vendor Sync feature is a must have feature. It offers powerful features enabling any Vendor on Shopify and Woocommerce (other platforms coming soon) to connect and sync their store to your website. Many of your Vendors may be big companies and reluctant to come to their Shipturtle dashboard to Add Products, Maintain Inventory, and Process Orders. Essentially with Vendor Sync, Shipturtle can enable the below flow –

  1. Vendor connects their website with Shipturtle
  2. Vendor selects Products they want to offer on Merchant website
  3. Vendor maps their Website product with those on Merchant
  4. Whenever a Product is sold or added on either website, the inventory is adjusted on both ends and synced
  5. An order received on Merchant store is pushed automatically to Vendor store
  6. Vendor fulfills the order, tracking details are automatically pushed to Merchant store

Pre Requisites for creating a Shopify Multivendor Marketplace

To access the desired feature of Vendor Shopify Store Connect, you will need to acquire the corresponding plan. Similarly, if you wish to access additional functionalities for order push, you’ll need to purchase the plan for Vendor Shopify Store Order Push.

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Instructions to connect to store after purchasing the plan

For detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance, please refer to the documentation provided at the following link. The documentation will walk you through the necessary steps to follow in order to successfully complete the process.


Key Functionality Features for Shopify Multivendor Marketplace

It contains comprehensive information and detailed instructions to guide you through the features. To access the documentation, please follow this link:

Features Of Vendorsync

Order Push Feature and Associated Plan

Within the feature documentation, there is a mention of an additional functionality called “Order Push.” It is important to note that this specific feature requires the purchase of a dedicated plan to access its capabilities.

The Order Push feature enhances the order management process by providing advanced functionalities for pushing orders between systems or platforms. However, to enable and utilize this feature, it is necessary to acquire the corresponding plan specifically designed for the Order Push functionality.

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