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With Shipturtle, you can configure your accounts with different shipping partners, generate labels and track. We are in the process of adding more shipping partners, please reach out to us if yours is currently not offered by us.

Step 1: Configuring your Shipping partner

Go to Settings -> Shipping Partners -> Add new.
You will see a list of shippers currently integrated with us. Select the relevant one from among the list and fill in the form which comes up. If you do not have the details, please reach out to your shipping partner and ask for API credentials for your account.

Step 2: Use Rate API to compare rates

To compare rates across different shipping partners, enter the package dimensions and weight and click on the “Fetch Rates” button.

rate api

Step 3: Generate Shipping Label

There are two ways to generate a label –

  1. Use your configured shippers for a single or bulk orders – Select from your configured partners in the dropdown under column “Courier details” for your order. Click on the “Generate AWB” button, download it once it turns green.
    Use the bulk utility to generate shipping labels for multiple orders at a time.
    Note – ensure that the data for Ship to address, Pickup address and Courier dimensions are filled and correct for all orders where you are attempting to generate labels. If there is an error, the app will not let you generate a label.
Generate label 1
  1. Add a tracking number – In cases where the shipping label is created outside Shipturtle, the tracking number can be added to the order along with the tracking link and weight. Click on the “+” sign next to the configured shippers dropdown to open a pop up window. This utility is useful if you have dropshippers or if you have some infrequent shipments through ad-hoc shipping partners.
add tracking number

Step 4: Retrieving and Maintaining tracking status

Once the shipping label is generated, the tracking number is displayed under “Courier details”. Clicking the tracking number will navigate you directly to the Tracking page of your Shipping partner.

track status

Shipturtle also maintains the shipping status within the application –

  1. Shippers with tracking integration – An “A” sign (standing for automatic) is displayed next to the shipment status. Shipturtle will automatically retrieve and update the tracking status at an hour’s interval.
  2. Shippers without tracking integration – An “M” sign (standing for manual), is displayed next to the shipment status. In such a case the user needs to manually update the status of the shipment.

Note – In case for any reason the shipping partner is returning an incorrect status of a shipment, the user can switch an automatic status to a manual status.

Step 5: Update order status on your ecommerce store

Go to Shops -> Automatically update order status
Once you create a shipment the shipping detail and tracking number will automatically get pushed to your ecommerce store.

Step 6: Cancel Shipping label

Select the orders for which you want to cancel the shipping label.
Go to Actions -> Cancel AWB on the header menu to cancel the labels.

cancel awb

Step 7 – Emailing Shipping Labels

You can email a copy of the Shipping label along with Order details by clicking on the email icon at row level or using “Bulk email” option at the Order level.

  1. If Multi vendor option is selected, the email will go to the Vendor + Warehouse with a CC to the merchant
  2. If Multi vendor is not selected, the email will go to the Merchant and Warehouse

Step 8 – Download Shipping details for Accounting / Analysis

Filter your Orders and click the Export button on the top right of the Orders screen to download your Order and Shipping details. You can use the Freight reconciliation utility to compare your estimated vs actual shipping cost.

Export orders

Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The icon for Shipping is Grey, I am not able to generate a Shipping Label. Why?
    There are 2 scenarios why the Shipping Icon is disabled / grey,
    a. There is an Error in the order – generally there may be missing information for the Warehouse, Package Dimension / Weight, Selected Shipper etc. These errors will come as a small red Error sign on the relevant cell in the order. You can click the sign to know more about the error.
    b. The other scenario could be in case of Vendors where access has not been given to them to Generate a Shipping Label. To correct this, go to Multi Vendor Settings -> Shipping Settings. Enable the option for “Shipping label generation”.
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