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When you install Shipturtle, we will send emails using our own Servers by default. However the sender name in all emails going to your customers and vendors will be our default instead of your Brand name.
This guide walks you through configuring your company’s email address as the sender name for all communications.

We strongly suggest you to use your own Email service for sending emails. You can do this easily by referring to the following article. This will remove the email limitation from the app and also avoid emails going to Spam.

Step 1: Initial Setup

  • When your company first joins ShipTurtle, emails are sent from our default ShipTurtle address.
  • To switch to your email address, add it to the designated field under “Email Verification”.

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Step 2: Sending Verification Email

  • Once you enter your desired email address, click “Send Verification Email.”
  • A verification email will be sent to your email address.

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Step 3: Verify your Email Address

  • Check your email inbox for the verification email.
  • Upon receiving the verification email, click on the link to verify your email. The link will redirect you to the ShipTurtle website.
  • Once you are redirected to this page, click the Verify email button as shown below.

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Step 4: Resending Verification Email (optional)

  • If you did not receive the verification email or need to resend it, click the “Resend Verification” link.
  • This will send another verification email to the address provided.

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After successful verification, the email address you confirmed will automatically become the sender’s email address for all outgoing emails.

If you wish to change the sender email address at any point, click on the option to modify your sender email address, located underneath the current sender address in your account settings.

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